New Author Making Waves With "The Viking Bunnies"

Kids and Adults Alike Love the Brand New Children's Series That Isn't Just For Children

MORRO BAY, Calif., Dec. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- After many years as a video producer, editor, writer, and animator, Noah B. Wilson is finally chasing the dream. He has made educational videos for Remilon and Nourish Interactive, was nominated for an Emmy for his work on promotions and commercials with NBC, and even worked with Gumby (Clokey Productions). But now, it is time for his own creation to take center stage: The Viking Bunnies.


The Viking Bunnies is a children's series of books and cartoons that isn't just for kids. They're cute. They're silly. They'll get you and your kids laughing together! Everyone who has seen The Viking Bunnies seems to fall in love with them instantly. The series follows the misadventures of four small rabbits who decided to become Vikings and sail The Great Sea in search of adventure. Aboard the famous Bunny Ship is the know-it-all Captain Fuzzy, his disbelieving first mate Lars, the sassy mechanic Thora, and the clumsy Steve. They get into all sorts of trouble with characters like The Ninja Hamsters, The Pirate Ducks, The Bureau-cats, The King Crabs, Smokey The Monster, and more! While young kids and teenagers will enjoy the goody humor and cuddly cartoons, parents and older kids will enjoy the vast amounts of parody present in several of the stories. From 'Lost', 'Ghostbusters', 'The A-Team', and many more, Wilson loves to inject the stories with as much situational, visual, and obvious parody as possible. There are currently plans for ten books, but with a little success, there could be dozens.

However, The Viking Bunnies go beyond just books. With his editing and animation background, Wilson is also working on short animated adventures for The Viking Bunnies, some of which are already working their way onto the internet. There are even fun video games in the works which will appear on The Viking Bunnies' website ( The places where The Viking Bunnies could end up are many; plush toys, T-shirts, television, who knows? Currently, Wilson main goal is to get The Viking Bunnies in bookstores nationwide. He has recently started a Kickstarter in order to acquire funds to assist in gaining representation and publication. You can currently purchase the first four books which Wilson has self-published at The Viking Bunnies' website as well as see the growing interactive features which are currently under development. The Viking Bunnies are definitely something worth taking note of as their popularity is growing daily!

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