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Vertical Electric Personal Aircraft is finalist in Popular Science Challenge

KINGSLAND, Texas, Aug. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Ever wish you could travel in a flying car?  Things are looking up! Popular Science Magazine has chosen a project which could actually build one!


The Vaero Dynamics Inc. vertical electric vehicle is a Popular Science #CrowdGrant Challenge finalist. Vaero Dynamics is now receiving donations to help fund this patented VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft.

The VE-100 PAV (Personal Air Vehicle) can takeoff and land like a helicopter or an airplane for convenience and fly like an airplane for additional speed…all with zero emissions. Its aeronautical design has aligned with advancements in technology, concerns for the environment, and the necessity for improving transportation to make an electric VTOL aircraft a real possibility. With its ducted fans, variable pitch blades, patented motor redundancy, and plug-in electric car compatibility, this design would provide for safe, quiet and economical air travel.  

Since the propellers are encased inside the ducts, the dangerous blades are not exposed and noise pollution is reduced.  A distinct advantage to an electric aircraft is the absence of combustible fuel on board, thereby significantly reducing both aircraft and ground hazards. These factors would allow the aircraft to operate in closer proximity to urban settings.

Vertical flight capabilities make this aircraft a time saving form of transportation while reducing highway congestion and infrastructure spending.  Use of this aircraft as a personal air vehicle or as an air taxi would facilitate travel and reduce trips driving to and from conventional airports. Envision taking off from somewhere near your home and flying to a designated landing spot near your destination, whether that be your office or your vacation home! The advent and implementation of NextGEN will enhance the capability of direct navigation -either by pilot or automation- of the aircraft to various locations.

Once vertical takeoff is accomplished, this aircraft can transition the tilted ducts into forward flight to fly like an airplane. This will help gain lift and increase efficiency by reducing the power requirements, thus extending range and increasing speed. This electric aircraft should be able to cruise as fast as many small general aviation airplanes, helicopters and gyros on the market today. 

This innovative aircraft will revolutionize the way we travel doorstep to doorstep. No need to drive to an airport to takeoff; just lift off.  Commuting would be a breeze!

For more details and specifications on the VE-100 and on our other designs, please visit If you dream of a flying vehicle becoming a reality - please go to our website, follow the links, and help us launch the project!    

Media Contact: Frick A. Smith, Vaero Dynamics Inc, 512/217-8766,

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