New 5-Step Program by Cohlab Aids Small Businesses in Today's Technology Age

Small businesses will have a higher chance of being found online through Cohlab's comprehensive program.

SARTELL, Minn., Jan. 5th, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Phone books are becoming a thing of the past now that individuals search for businesses online. Small businesses can find more success if they possess a searchable online presence. Cohlab now offers businesses an affordable and comprehensive 5-step program, which takes the guesswork out of discovering appropriate marketing avenues that match today's search techniques.

Cohlab's new 5-step program includes services for their clients, which expertly assists a business in creating a promising online presence. The services included are: analyze, optimize, localize, mobilize, and monetize.

  1. Analyze is the important task of determining site analysis of the business's current website including traffic patterns, visitor's interests, and areas in need of improvement. The experts discover what draws visitors to the competition's webpage and can then counsel the small business on workable solutions.
  2. Optimize indicates search engine optimization, which helps the small business display ahead of their competitor's websites on a search engine results page when searchers are investigating a kind of service or product online. The organic search engine optimization services provided through Cohlab provide effective SEO, which helps small businesses succeed.
  3. Cohlab helps localize a small business by promoting them through local online directories and search engines. Online directories are replacing the business section of local phone books. Potential customers now search for services and products online. By providing the means for prospective customers to find the small business online, this service brings new customers to their building and sets them up for future dealings.
  4. Mobilization is regarding mobile devices, such as smart phones. The rapid improvement of technology means that would-be customers are searching for services and products on-the-go through the use of their phone. Cohlab sets up mobile websites that are optimized for this purpose.
  5. Monetize is the ultimate goal of the 5-step program offered through Cohlab. With all of the strategic processes performed by the SEO experts, businesses will begin to watch their website work for them and gain them more customers, and therefore more profit. The services are offered as an inclusive package, which serves all purposes for helping a small business be found online. All of this is provided for the most competitive prices.

To view more information about the new 5-step program offered at Cohlab, visit . Inquirers can contact the SEO experts through the contact form on the website and can view their affordable package from the left hand menu on the webpage.

About Cohlab:

Cohlab was founded in order to help facilitate growth for small businesses through the determination of a combined web and mobile strategy. They are passionate about guiding businesses through the complexities of today's technological world and helping them succeed. The Cohlab team is made up of a duo of experts, Cliff and Heather Robbins. Heather provides customer relations and management expertise, while Cliff provides computer and technology knowledge.

Media Contact: Heather Robbins , 320-290-3663,


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