Neil Kozokoff Comments on Art Colony Project in West Palm Beach

A new art colony project, known as Lot 23, is a promising development that is expected to benefit the creative community, as well as the overall unification of West Palm Beach, Florida. Art connoisseur and real estate professional Neil Kozokoff responds to this new project.

WEST PALM BEACH, Flo., Jan. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Traditionally, artists and the creative set have always had a difficult time keeping a roof over their heads while exploring new ventures in their chosen field. However, according to a recent article from The Palm Beach Post, a new project is highlighted which could help solve those problems that artists typically face. The article reports that in late November, the South Florida city of West Palm Beach launched a Lot 23 art colony project as a way to help contribute to the unique area of Northwood Village and Pleasant City. It explains, "Under the project, West Palm Beach will provide housing to at least eight artists at discounted rents in return for community service." As a champion of public arts, Neil Kozokoff, a real estate professional based in West Palm Beach, supports this new project, noting that it will help Northwood Village grow.

As President of The Parkland Companies, Neil Kozokoff has become increasingly focused on the types of real estate projects that help amplify urban development and strengthen culturally-diverse neighborhoods. Northwood Village has proven to be such a neighborhood in West Palm Beach, as it has remained a center for culture, arts and local business. As a member of the West Palm Beach community, Neil Kozokoff is proud of the efforts set forth by the Lot 23 art colony project, as it provides greater resources for Northwood Village to retain its artistic and unique personality.

According to the article, the project is a win-win situation for both artists and the surrounding community, as it provides new tenants with incentives to give back to the area. It explains, "The more community service an artist does, the less cash he or she will have to pay for rent: Units will rent for $400 a month with 16 hours of weekly community service, $350 a month with 20 hours of service and $300 for 24 hours of service." Specifically, those involved with the project hope that artists will find ways to give back to the area's youth.

City Commissioner Sylvia Moffett, who represents Pleasant City, explains in the article, "You know artists. A lot of them are starving and they need that extra help. I look at it as a way the community will benefit entirely, including Northwood Village. It's going to be so exciting." For Neil Kozokoff, the project will not only help the community, but will continue to inspire artists and help perpetuate creativity among youth. Neil Kozokoff concludes, "The Lot 23 art colony is a great addition to the Northwood Village/Pleasant City area. It adds another dimension to this already funky-chic neighborhood."


Neil Kozokoff is the President of The Parkland Companies, a holding company specializing in property investment, development and management in the notable area of West Palm Beach, Florida. As a professional with a background in real estate law, Neil Kozokoff has had the market proficiency to expertly spearhead several projects in urban development. Neil Kozokoff's background in the acquisition, operation and management of large apartment complexes recently led him to join Pensam Capital as a principal. At Pensam Capital, Kozokoff focuses on real estate deal structuring and capital formation.

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