Negotiating Car Insurance Prices - How to Get Prefered Rates

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Negotiating with an auto insurance agent can be possible, although it is not common for an agency to give too much negotiation ground. Every carrier boasts that its rates are based on statistics and factual evidence and cannot be negotiated. However, there are situations, such as renewing a plan, when negotiating plays an important role.

High-risk drivers, for example, can prove that they have become safe drivers by completing proper defensive driving courses and by maintaining a clean driving record. This will help convince an agency that the policyholder is no longer considered high risk.

Use online car insurance quotes

When renewing a policy, drivers can use quotes to see what competitors have to offer. If an agency is challenged with the prospect of losing their customer, they may offer at least similar premiums or throw in some extra coverage.

Online auto insurance quotes can be found at The website has important connections in the insurance industry and uses a simple, straightforward process for getting rates from different agencies.

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