Natural Brands, Inc. Breaks 30 years of silence

The leader in fresh squeezed juices to restaurants is ready to expand its client list

DALLAS, May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ --  Natural Brands, Inc is a privately held corporation formed in 1983.


NBI has maintained secrecy over the years for competitive reasons. We kept to ourselves to allow us to create and dominate a niche within the highest levels of quality accounts in the food service business.

NBI makes fresh juices and bar mixes to our client's specs.

We also service these accounts to their specs.

Every restaurant chain has their own demands for Brix levels, acidity, color, fruit variety, pulp level, package size, mix formulations, etc.

That means for example; that the fresh lemonade for a restaurant in California may be completely different than the one in Texas or Florida. We work for our customers and they put their product name on the menu as well as decide what works for that location.

We guarantee you have had our juices. Several Presidents of the United States have had our juices; but you can thank 5 star restaurants for that.

We sell the best, but our customers design what we do.

We are the consultants and caretakers that make sure they get exactly what they want.

Today we have the supply chain operations and management skills needed to handle the nuts and bolts of supply, delivery, and manufacturing better than anybody in the healthy juice business.

It took decades to refine the skills needed to achieve success on a large scale in the juice business. The ideation and innovation skills of a startup team lacks the knowledge and expertise to challenge our products and services.

NBI has the national distribution base and cold chain infrastructure needed to achieve the significant market penetration required of food establishments that are scattered around the country.

 The margins that would be needed to re-create and build out such a national infrastructure is simply prohibitive. How we do what we do will always have its mystery unless you are an insider. Even then, it revolves around relationships and coordination with over 250 refrigerated distribution companies that can deliver daily. We are as international as UPS and provide the same level of service as that company locally to each restaurant.

The Starbucks and Wholefoods of the world have sophisticated retail infrastructures; but in food service nobody but us has the perfect team in place.  The cold processors that are after the retailers such as Whole Foods, for example, have the high-quality labor, and massive discounts from produce suppliers; but no such purchasing advantages with the farmers. Just try to buy truck loads of fresh limes today. You can't because we make contracts to buy them all years in advance.

Factoid: We do so much fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice business that a new plant would be profitable on day one with our volumes on those products alone.

The new tide of companies is the cold pressed corporations. Their technology is not new but repackaged.

We have used our own version of cold pressed since 1983 and in HAACP approved fresh juice plants.

 The cold-pressed juicers operate by eviscerating and juicing the various ingredients at the same time. You put in the kale, the apple, the spinach, the spirulina, the cucumber, and the dandelions, and then grind it all up to get the juice out. Unfortunately, this results in a product with a very inconsistent taste because the same weights of the various raw food ingredients will yield different amounts of juice and different tastes, depending on the season and ripeness of each ingredient.   It is good enough by the pint or half gallon for a consumer, but not for a fine eating establishment that is using your juice as an ingredient or a bar mix.

Factoid: If you do not know why small batches and large batches turn out differently, and how to blend juices during breaks in season and how to source fruit, you will have a bad experience.

NBI fresh lemon and lime juices are used by many well known national restaurant chains for lemonades, margaritas and other bar mixes, making pies and tarts, salad dressings, flavoring for cakes, cookies, cake icings, puddings, sherbet, sauces, flavoring fish and poultry, confectionary,and preserves.

Fresh sqeezed Lime juice allows less salt to be used.
Our customers tell us they add a few drops of our fresh lemon juice to cream before whipping to give stability to the whipped cream, clean their stoves and floors with our fresh lime juice to keep poison away from food preparation areas and more.
We know how to make the best juices; but our customers always amaze us with the uses of our lines.

NBI makes creating and carrying high quality fresh drinks simple for your business. NBI has a national distribution network that can get product to all major cities in the U.S. with 48-hour notice.

NBI products are fresh squeezed and are not pasteurized.

*Apple juice is pasteurized for safety.

NBI also carries certified organic versions of its lines.

Another Factoid: (Plants are USDA inspected) and (HACCP approved). FDA warning signs and labels are not required. HACCP juices are safer than pasteurized juices because, the standards of cleanliness and inspections required are more stringent than for pasteurized and concentrate facilities.

 Now that we have broken our silence;  expect to see us in Food service publications as we are ready to expand our products and services.

Media Contact: Darrell Duchesneau, Natural Brands, Inc., 281-224-1865,

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