Mugshot Removal Company Announces Solutions for Those Who Aren't Helped by the Utah's New Mugshot Law offering the fastest online mugshot removal available

NEW YORK, June 3, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- On April 2, Utah's Governor signed HB408, making it illegal for any entity to publish a mugshot and charge a fee for that mugshot's removal. Unlike laws that have been passed in other states, Utah's law specifically bans the practice of making money on a mugshot, even if the person shown in the photo is guilty of the crime that triggered the arrest. But unfortunately, the law doesn't apply to everyone who has been arrested in Utah. Thankfully, has targeted solutions that can help.

On the surface, this is a law that would be beneficial to anyone who has been arrested, but the experts at advise a little caution before the celebrations begin, as some people within the state might very well still be suffering intense reputation damage after an arrest.

"Many people don't realize that laws like this aren't retroactive," says an representative. "Lawmakers can't change the rules and then move backward and enforce the new law. Instead, the laws only apply to things that haven't happened yet. This means that people who were arrested prior to April in Utah could very well have their mugshots online, and they might need to take action as a result."

A quick search for Utah mugshots proves the validity of that concern. At the time of this writing, for example, had over 2,000 pages of results from people who were arrested in Utah, and there was no information about the law anywhere in sight.

"Mugshot websites are so dangerous because they link your photograph with your real name," says an representative. "Anyone who runs a search for your name is going to get hit with copies of your mugshot and details about your arrest. It could simply ruin your reputation, and the law does nothing for people who are currently enduring that damage right now.", one of the leading reputation management companies operating in the world, provides a quick and easy mugshot removal process. There's a simple form to fill out and a small fee to pay, and the programmers get to work immediately. Within hours, the mugshot is gone and the Google search cache is cleared. After this work is complete, a search for a person's name should bring back no mugshot at all, and the results are guaranteed.

It's a solution people in Utah might need.

"We're glad to see that the legislation is working hard to remove these mugshot sites and allow people to keep their good names going forward," says an representative. "We'd just like to help people who are already under attack, so they can also get the relief they deserve."

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