Mother's Day Gift of Where The Heart Lives for $.99

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Author/Actress Mara Purl honors her own mother by reaching out to

mothers and daughters with her haunting, evocative small-town

saga. The perfect Mother's Day Gift for just ninety-nine cents.


Nothing touches the heart of a woman like a good story. Best-selling

author Mara Purl proved this last Mother's Day when book one of her

series skyrocketed on Amazon. Now she's offering books one and two

of her acclaimed titles as part of this year's Mother's Day Special, May

9th, 10th, 11th and Sunday the 12th. Both novels will be available for

$.99 on all e-readers, including Kindle (, Nook

(, and Kobo (libraries & independent bookstores.)


Purl, who has risen to become a leading voice in Women's Fiction, has

multiple story-lines about mothers and daughters that touch the hearts of

her readers. "Nothing involves the core of a woman's life more than her

relationship with her mother," the author commented, "and nothing is

more complex. Some of my female characters have great mothers and

great relationships; some don't. As we work through our life-issues, no one

can provide more dynamic insights and keys to our self-understanding.

And nothing is more indestructible than real mother-love." Her story is

made all the more poignant, as Mara has delayed publication of book three

in order to care for her own mother, now facing a serious illness. "My

mother and I always enjoy giving my books as gifts. This year, this is my

way of honoring her."


Best Selling Author Mara Purl's novel soared to the top of the charts – Mara

Purl's "What the Heart Knows" sold 15,000 copies in one day.

Mara Purl's critically acclaimed, award-winning novel, What the Heart

Knows, went to Bestseller status with over 15,000 orders in one

day—Mother's Day 2012. The first novel in the Milford-Haven Series also

hit the top of the 100 Contemporary Fiction List and climbed to Best

Sellers in Family Saga Fiction. Even Purl's short stories appeared in

"Movers and Shakers" while the novel climbed the charts.

When Amazon searched through its vast list of books for the perfect

pre-Mother's Day selection, they chose Mara Purl's What the Heart

Knows. Accurately predicting that their readers might choose it as a gift,

or for themselves, even Amazon couldn't have forecast these results. The

first novel in Purl's Milford-Haven saga (Women's Fiction) rocketed to

number 5. "In the book business, competition for positions on any top-ten list is keen. The list is almost always occupied by

block-buster authors, or by super-hot trending phenomena," said Margot

Atwell, associate publisher of Bellekeep Books in New York City. "Mara has

created a stunning success."


Actress/Author Mara Purl launched worldwide book two of the Women's

Fiction Milford-Haven series, Where the Heart Lives last fall.

The critically acclaimed novel offers readers a rich painting of

cross-connecting storylines that trace across some of California's most

spectacular locations. Purl also serves up an array of themes … and each

of them more moving than the next.


"My writing is romantic, which is why several of my awards are the

Romance category. But my stories don't follow a strict set of rules of a

classic Romance Novel," Purl said. "My concept of romance is a good deal

more complex. And the romance storylines have thrilling and satisfying

conclusions by the end of the Pentalogy. What, Where, Why, Who and

When … the five questions of the heart asked in each of the book titles are



Purl says her story takes the reader through an expanded trip through her

home territory. "I'd never written about my home city Los Angeles," Purl

admitted. "My readers get an in-depth look at the L.A. of the 1990s as my

protagonist travels from the Palos Verdes lighthouse, to Hollywood, then

winds her way through the Angeles Crest Mountains out to the Mojave



The Milford-Haven series is enhanced by short stories that fit between the

novels, and have been published as e-book prequels. When Hummers

Dream and When Whales Watch have also become Amazon best-sellers.

Purl's books … part romance, part mystery, and part soap opera are

considered in the Women's Fiction genre, which includes Romance, but is

larger in scope with room for Purl's less predictable and more realistic plot

and character development.



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