Molecule New Water Technologies Announces New Store Opening in Marble Falls, TX

Molecule New Water Technologies has announced the opening of a new store in Marble Falls, Texas. The company provides a number of new water technologies to individuals and businesses throughout the United States, particularly for those who wish to utilize environmentally sound practices for a variety of issues requiring clean and pure water.

MARBLE, Texas, Oct. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Molecule New Water Technologies, a company specializing in a wide variety of new water technologies, has announced that it is expanding its reach by opening a new store in Marble Falls, TX. Serving individuals and businesses throughout the entire nation, Molecule New Water Technologies has positioned itself as a national provider of new water technologies, and its mission is to "locate, test, and bring to market the latest in technology to provide residential and industrial water users with reliable supplies of clean water, while minimizing harmful effects on the Earth."

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There is currently a crisis with regard to the global water supply that is in need of environmentally sound solutions, a crisis that Molecule New Water Technologies is seeking to alleviate by providing access to clean water for all manner of uses in a way that is both responsible and efficient.

The company provides customers with access to a number of products, including EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generators along with products from EasyWater and the KOR Water Bottle line. These products and technologies enable Molecule New Water Technologies to provide consumers with continued access to pure and clean water at a time when many issues are threatening the quality of the water supply. Issues such as drought, industrial pollution, fracking and overpopulation all cause problems and affect the quality of the water that consumers have access to.

"We are very pleased to announce our new store opening in Marble Falls, Texas," said Eliot Harris, the president and owner of Molecule New Water Technologies. "It is our goal to provide solutions to the growing global water crisis, and it is our sincere hope that our new store opening will help us in continuing to meet and overcome the challenges presented by this crisis."

Harris went on to note that the company provides a number of different technologies for consumers, including for those whose wells have been contaminated or those who are dealing with issues relating to hard water. Perhaps the most interesting product offered by the company is the Atmospheric Water Generator, which produces water by condensing humidity from the air. Many individuals and businesses prepare for water shortages by taking advantage of the availability of these innovative systems.

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