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BALTIMORE, April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The average consumer is an individual who is concerned about the safety, knows that mold can cause health problems and a downward slide in the standard of your home health. However, they chose not to go about the proper ways of removing the mold, which is through a registered IICRC firm. What we will be explained to you is that certain techniques that the average homeowner uses to remove the mold can actually do more harm than good. The first idea of the use of bleach and water for mold removal.

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The idea of the use of bleach as being a removal agent is one of the oldest ideas on how to remove mold. In actuality it can do more to make the situation worse rather than make it better. One of the main reasons why it makes it worse is that you are mixing the bleach with water and that in turn makes the area moist, and mold loves the moisture. Also, the content of the bleach does not remove the mold at all just the roots, which means the mold will disappear for a short time but will return. However, you will be thinking well it seems that moisture is the primary cause of the problem spreading then I will just remove the moisture.

If you are trying to dry out the problematic area, it will not work with the regular dehumidifier. Also, removing the moisture from the air does not necessarily solve the problem. It requires the use of special equipment and this is specifically designed to remove the mold as food source from the air. This will allow for the area to be properly be remediated. However, you are most likely still thinking I can remove the mold myself, but still can cause more problems.

One if you are not doing this job properly it can actually spread  through the remainder of the home. Mold can spread rapidly if it is not contained throughout the area, in the proper manner. Also if you do not protect yourself it can result in sickness.  So why would you want to risk endangering yourself, just to save some money. It is not worth the risk to your health, which can cause you to lose a significantly larger portion of your income rather, than any amount that you spend on a remediation firm. However, then why should I bother remediating the issue at all?

You should take care of this issue, because at the end of day it effects too many important parts of your life specifically your loved ones and financial obligations. In order to protect yourself and those that you cherish and pick a certfied firm to do the remediation work. Also, chose one that does not do their own testing, because it might be more expensive, but there will not be a conflict of interest. 

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