Modzlab Introduces Modded Controller for Halo Reach Gamers

MIAMI, March 28, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Ever since it was first released to the public, Halo has been a favorite among hard core gamers and casual players alike. Over the years, the appeal and scope of this classic video game has continued to grow, with millions of people around the world enjoying the ultimate in game play.


From full-scale Halo tournaments to friendly game play among close companions, this is a game that can be enjoyed and played by those of all ages and abilities. But for many hard core gamers, the controllers that came with their game systems simply do not provide the proper level of control and fun.

That is why Modzlab is so proud of its new line of modded controllers designed specifically for Halo Reach gamers. Modzlab is the leader in the field of modded controllers, and the company understands what gamers want and need. Halo gamers have consistently demanded more from their game play, and Modzlab is happy to provide those serious gamers with exactly what they have been looking for all those years.

These great new modded Halo Reach controllers come in a wide variety of add-ons, so there is sure to be one that will fit the needs of every Halo enthusiast. Hard core gamers can choose from standard, glossy, flat jacket or hydro dipped modded controllers from Modzlab.

Gamers and Halo Reach enthusiasts that want to replace the plain controllers that came with their Xbox 360 game systems can choose the standard model from Modzlab. This controller has the classic good looks and style of the original, but with the added level of control serious gamers need to get more out of every session.

Those who want a little more can choose one of the glossy Xbox 360 modded controllers designed specifically for Halo Reach. These controllers are designed to be much more attractive than the original ones that come with the Xbox 360. These shiny controllers will stand out in any room, whether you are playing a casual game with friends or competing for cash and prizes at a Halo Reach tournament. The new Modzlab line of glossy controllers is available in a number of different colors, from the classic good looks of black and white to stylish red and blue models.

Halo Reach players who want a unique look can choose from one of the Xbox 360 controllers in the flat jacket line. This line of camoflauge Xbox 360 controllers is designed specifically for Halo Reach players, and they are available in a number of stylish colors suitable for any gaming enthusiast.

Last but not least, Modzlab is proud to introduce its line of hydro dipped Xbox 360 controllers. These controllers are available in a wide range of colors and styles, from black splatter and red splatter to blue drop, skulls and the classic good looks of carbon fiber. With so many styles and colors to choose from, every Halo Reach enthusiast is sure to find his or her favorite.

The Modzlab line of Halo Reach Xbox 360 controllers represents a new step forward in the world of gaming. Gamers who long for a more refined and stylish look can find exactly what they are looking for simply by shopping with Modzlab.

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