"Tomorrow" depicts a young Obama, seeks to inspire young voters

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"Tomorrow" focuses on young Obama, seeks to inspire young voters

New York, NY—The Tomorrow Project, a underground group group made up of millennials, has released a film called "Tomorrow." The film tells the story of an uncertain Barack Obama in his days at Columbia University. The young Obama experiences a epiphany that forecasts his future as an important national figure.

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Lead by Emiliano "Zapata" Reyes, Fulbright Scholar and Diplomatic Academy of Vienna alum, the Tomorrow Project according to their website and statements, ' is the independent campaign for Barack Obama and is by and for the American millennial generation. We are voters under 30. We played a crucial role in 2008. But, we at the Tomorrow Project believe that Obama must know us this time around not by our potential utility but by the emotions that now define us."

"We millennials feel that we've been robbed of adulthood and excluded from the American Dream. We are overwhelmingly unemployed or underemployed. We carry the burden of massive student loans. We have amazing potential. We are our nation's largest and most valuable untapped resource. And, we've become bitter because we feel forgotten. Consequently, many American millennials may not show up at the polls on Election Day unless President Obama shows us that he understands us."

The film has a controversial edge to it as it implies drug use by some of young Barack's friends. The executive producer and director state this is more on the side of depicting modern young voters who have turned to abusing prescription drugs such as Adderall and Oxycodone to cope with issues they face at that age. They go on to state this is in part a metaphor of which has been present internationally over the past year through the global Occupy movements, Russian presidential election protests, Greek Austerity riots, and over despondence towards the political process around the United States. 'of implications of drug use', Emiliano Reyes states, 'is a metaphor for the coping mechanism that all millennials turn to, whether it be taking to the streets of Athens or abusing substances in New York City.'

"The Tomorrow Project maintains faith in our President's ability to continue putting this country back together. This film will reconnect Obama with the millennial generation by showing us that Obama knows viscerally what it feels like to be on the verge of adulthood and without a vision of the road ahead."  -


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