Medicare Supplemental Insurance Website Adds Thousands of New Insurance Providers to Database

MSIC Website Continues To Help Seniors As It Grows Even Bigger

NEW YORK, April 19, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- With the addition of 12,682 more insurance providers to Medicare Supplemental Insurance's website, site founder Stephen Pewter is proving that he and his site are more than just a flash in the pan internet phenomenon.


"I am living proof that a man with a dream and a cause is a force to be reckoned with, says Mr. Pewter. "I am also proof that you are never too old to learn a few new tricks."

Pewter received his first computer on his 74th birthday. Several months later he launched the Medicare supplemental insurance comparison website to help himself and other senior citizens gain easy access to supplemental insurance quotes. The rousing success of this year old website was initially inspired by his new love of technology and the fact that Pewter and his wife were spending hours surfing the internet in a frustrating search for supplemental Medicare insurance.

"It was a confusing and tedious process. I decided to see if I could use my new found computer and site building skills to offer something that would be simple, free and comprehensive for the senior citizen market," Pewter says. As it turns out, the Pewters were not the only ones looking for an easy one stop comparison shop. The site logged over 10,000 visits in its first week online, becoming arguably one of the most successful Medicare insurance comparison websites in existence.

Pewter's simple program has won him the respect of friends, family and the internet community. Widely touted as the "senior web designer" he continues to see massive success for MSIC that requires the simple entry of a zip code to start the free comparison process. The addition of more than 12,000 new insurance providers to the website's database is just one more added benefit for the thousands of seniors who have found a comfortable and easy place to do their insurance shopping.

The website is all about simplicity and protecting the identity of its users. Pewter may have been new to site building but he was certainly not naive to its dangers. Acutely aware that internet crime and identity theft were a very real threat, Pewter wanted his site to provide a much needed service without asking for a lot of personal information like credit card numbers.

"When my wife and I were searching other insurance websites for insurance quotes they were asking for all types of personal information that I just was not comfortable giving out to a stranger. I knew that I wanted to build something that didn't require users to give out their credit card number. I wanted it to be safe, anonymous and easy to use." Pewter said.

To learn more about Stephen's website, or to obtain a free insurance quote with just a zip code, feel free to visit:

About Stephen Pewter and MSIC: (MSIC) was created by Stephen Pewter with the intent to assist other senior citizens with acquiring non-invasive Medicare supplemental insurance quotes. It became a smash hit literally overnight, partially because a senior created it, and partially because it's a safe and anonymous way to get Medicare insurance quotes.

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