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Mdhuset is advocating the use of various methods to curb excessive paper consumption. The company believes that simple measures can be taken to not only save the environment, but also to save on costs.

OSLO, Norway, Dec. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Mdhuset has long been known for being ahead of the curve. As a business, they have been incredibly successful, boasting Norway's broadest marketing platform and earning a reputation as an industry leader. During this time, Mdhuset has also developed a reputation for being ahead of the curve for a different reason: Environmental responsibility.


For many years, Mdhuset has been advocating a number of "Green" initiatives through their website,, including the reduction of unnecessary consumption. It seems that many businesses still use a great deal of paper for their day-to-day operations, something that Mdhuset frowns upon as it relates to their daily operations.

"Whenever we are able, we opt to communicate electronically rather than by post," said a representative of Mdhuset. "All of paychecks and internal correspondence is conducted electronically so that we can cut down on our paper consumption. Also almost all our customer service is conducted either electronically or through environmentally friendly ways.

Mdhuset has been doing this, along with other environmentally friendly actions, since the company's inception in 2004. They have not only done this themselves, but have also made a point to espouse the notion to other companies, preaching it as a method to not only save the environment, but also to save on costs.

"Unfortunately, many companies will not listen to you unless you discuss how it impacts the bottom line," said the representative. "But many of the measures that we have taken are also good for business. When it comes down to it though, if there is a measure available to us that is significantly better for the environment, we always strongly consider it even if it will hurt profits. Environmental responsibility is very important to us."

One of the ways in which Mdhuset is preaching the benefits of environmental friendliness is by taking the time to detail all of their various methods to other businesses as well as consumers. Their efforts have been positively received thus far.

"Each person or corporation that we speak to regarding these measures seems to be excited about it," said the representative. "They were unaware that some of their practices were harmful to the environment, and are very happy to see that there are viable alternatives available to them."

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