Management Occupancy Review (MOR) - To Ward Off Fraud And Losses

Management Occupancy Review (MOR) is an essential step to eliminate any possible fraud, mismanagement and losses caused by tardy submission and review of critical documents. So, are you accurately setting up all the files that are in sync with the Tenant File Checklist? It is very significant for the auditor because it has the capability of reviewing the files at a much quicker rate, thereby, reducing the time on the property.

DURHAM, N.C., Nov. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Achieving a successful Management Occupancy Review (MOR) is not a cake walk. It involves several accurate methods to ensure everything falls in place. For instance, making sure that there are significant improvements made in the property since the last review, there are ample of documents to ensure that regular repair work has been done to please the residents inhabiting the property, with validity of tenant consent forms and security of EIV data and reports.


Always remind yourself to incorporate the art of being proactive; it comes in handy when the compliance officer finds some glaring discrepancies in the files. But, do not fret as you will be able to correct most of the errors during the review itself.

Housing professionals feel bogged down by the mere mention of the management occupancy review, but now they can overcome the hurdles in the process of documentation with the help of compliance analyst Andrea Champine as she will help you make the corrections in documentation and arrangement of files, along with a comprehensive post- MOR corrective action.

Preparing For The Management Occupancy Review

Our expert speaker Andrea Champine, will guide you towards the preparation of Management Occupancy Review in this 75-minute live audio conference – "Preparing For The Management Occupancy Review" on Tuesday, November 26, 2013, which will help you pave your way to excellence by learning the important methods that are required to prep for your next management and occupancy review (MOR). Comprehend the compilation of error-free property "dossier"— and steer clear of potential indicators of waste, fraud, and/or mismanagement.

A management occupancy review has the capability of opening your multi-family housing property, along with your filing cabinet, which invites government scrutiny. So, it is advisable not to risk the credibility of your program administration.

Session highlights:

  • Always remember to reply to the initial MOR notification letter in a timely manner
  • Do not forget to provide the documents required for the Desk Review portion of Form HUD 9834
  • Prep up for your staff and your property for the On-Site Review
  • Complying with all the EIV requirements and Change 4
  • Grasp the corrective actions prescribed
  • Makes sure to take post-MOR corrective action
  • Learn the challenge findings through the MOR appeals process

After you have attended this power-packed session, you will find yourself enriched with better understanding of successful MOR, with a hold on the impact of EIV and Change 4 on your review. You will also grasp the significance of pre and post-review process, whatever documents are required to find out any potential deficiencies. This informative presentation will give away numerous helpful sample documents, inclusive of a notification letter and an MOR binder, along with a chart of HUD's MOR rating system.

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