Macrothink Institute Advocates Academic Freedom

The benefits of academic freedom are far reaching and will benefit the upcoming generation and that is why Macrothink Institute supports it!

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Macrothink Institute (Linkedin) was created with the aim of developing and publishing science and research. And since then, they have been working hard to achieve this purpose. Macrothink publishes online journals which are accessible to readers all over the world. They have taken the digital era to a new level by making full use of it for educational purposes. They understand the need and preference of the online journals over print media, which is why they constantly work to improve it. Macrothink not only published research writings, they also sponsor, promote and offer financial assistance to researchers, students, international networks and corporations.


The major difference between Macrothink Institute and other academic publishers is that they have minimized the need for administrative system. They also work with the best scholars from all over the world, who want to publish their research projects. Not only do they work with international authors, they also allow people from all corners of the planet to access their journals and publications. They believe in using the cultural diversity to increase opportunities for research and education. 

The idea of academic freedom states that scholars, faculty members and students have the right to question or inquire after a piece of academic research work and teach it in class if they wish, without being answerable to the law. The aim is to be able to teach any intellectual thought progression whether it is part of the course program or not.

With academic freedom teachers have the freedom to choose the subject so long as it deals with intellectual concerns. They also have the option of researching that topic, writing on it and getting it published. The students would be free to study any subject they wish and would be allowed to form their own judgments as well as opinions.

The reason why some intellectuals profess commitment to academic freedom is because they feel that education is not only about getting a degree but also about becoming a rationally thinking member of society. Knowledge can only truly be gained and progressed when it is free of inquiry be it the inquiry of state, church or any other binding institution. Once education is given free reign, only then can it truly be called knowledge without boundaries and barriers, leading to a free thinking man.

But these are the reasons why some people do not feel comfortable with the idea of academic freedom. They believe that freedom of thought might also lead to freedom of action, which can later give way to illegal and harmful activities.

Macrothink Institute understands the importance of academic freedom in this world. Their rigorous and serious publishing skills can be seen by the fact that they are proponents of spreading education, culture and science in every part of the world. They believe in giving their researchers, teachers and students a free hand in publishing all scientific research work, so long as it contains evidence of proper work. The digital journals published by Macrothink Institute suggest explicitly that they want to make scientific knowledge a part of every educational institute, research faculty and scientific organization.    

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