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SAN DIEGO, May 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- LoanLove.com, a new website that has the mission of helping consumers and borrowers alike in obtaining the latest information on mortgage lending trends, the real-estate market and the U.S. financial landscape for the purpose of helping them obtain a home loan that they will love, recently released an article that can help homeowners to find the lowest interest rates 2013 has to offer by helping them to understand some of the indicators that predict whether loan interest rates will go up or down.

The LoanLove team is dedicated to getting relevant and useful information to homeowners that is both easy to understand, full of the important details, and yet entertaining and not boring or overly complex. While the average homeowner might switch the channel when news stories come up about the economy and the indicating factors that affect home sale and interest rate prices, LoanLove presents this same information in plain English so that the homeowners will have the greatest chances of locking in the best interest rates.

The new article covers three of the most solid predictors of whether interest rates will go up or down. By following these three indicators, even first time homeowners will get an idea of how interest rates are likely to move in the near future. The three indicators looked at in this article are:

  • GDP (Gross Domestic Profit)
  • CPI (Consumer Price Index) and
  • Payroll Employment

Reports on these three indicators are often ignored by most homeowners as the issues are often related in an overly technical and hard to understand way. However, with the way the LoanLove.com article explains each indicator, homeowners will no longer need to be financial experts to have an idea of when interest rates go up or down. Having this foreknowledge will help the homeowner to find get the best possible mortgage rates as they will know when the ideal time would be to apply for a loan and lock in those low rates. 

This new article follows LoanLove's belief that detailed mortgage news and advice need not be stuffy, over technical and un-relatable for homeowners. Mortgage issues that are often treated as complex and "for the experts" to figure out are broken down in an entertaining and easy to understand way that allows both first time and experienced homeowners to find the loans that will help them to save both time and money.

Aside from great informative articles, LoanLove.com also offers a number of other resources and tools for those who are looking for the best loan options. Anyone who is planning on purchasing a home or refinancing this year can visit the website for free advice and informational material. As the company says in their introduction: "Our mission is simple: to help you get a loan you love!"

For more information on the company and how it can benefit homeowners who are looking for the best loan deals, click here.

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