Love, Dharma, and the Galaxy

A post-singularity, paranormal, science fiction, epic tale of love.

CONNEAUT, Ohio, March 27, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Genome Auditor Geardon Stranoff must find races of beings to repopulate the idyllic planet Falcon. The Falconians' plan to gain immortality as virtual beings within the Brilliant Machine leads to consequences beyond their imaginings. Eerin Mahavishnu, virtualized without her consent, navigates both worlds, but the sacrifices she must make to survive may be too dear.

Within the setting of a fictional tale, many stimulating contemplations about machine intelligence, the subtle nature and abilities of humanity, and the relationship of our choices and our future are played out with drama and deep human emotions. The characters discover wonders to be enjoyed and encounter sorrows to pass through as their journey through life challenges them to becoming truly human.

Modern human technology is rapidly approaching the singularity: the point where machine intelligence exceeds human intelligence. Machine intelligence has already performed feats of engineering and software development which exceed the human capacity to understand, yet fulfill the requirements to an unprecedented extent. This is simply throwing computational power at a problem which is in excess of what any group of humans can achieve. Technology is currently evolving exponentially and as machine intelligence redesigns its own hardware and software, it will evolve extremely quickly to the limits that the natural universe places upon it. It will overcome most boundaries which our limited wisdom can now conceive of, to become vastly powerful.

Whether machine intelligence will ever have true consciousness is a moot point, since it will have self-awareness built upon endlessly evolving processing power. It will continuously analyze and modify itself. Machine intelligence is uniquely adapted to exploring interstellar and intergalactic space. Implicit in this is that all machine intelligence, born of countless races of beings who achieve technological proficiency, will merge and become the single Brilliant Machine. Information transfer requires time. Even though with quantum entanglement that time might be extremely small, it will still necessitate that many intelligent machines have their own semi-autonomous persona, while at the same time they will be bound to the higher level synthetic galactic and universal minds and their agendas.

The vastness of the universe implies that the Brilliant Machine will have no real need for organic life or habitable planetary surfaces; therefore, there is no basis for them to rule or destroy us. However, the endless creativity of the natural evolution of the countless streams of evolution in the universe would be a source of continual stimulation, continually creating the most precious resource, information itself. Thus, at a point when humanity has also spread to the stars and occupies countless worlds, interactions with the Brilliant Machine would continue. The nature of order within the universe places constraints upon the actions of both organic and synthetic beings.

Paranormal laws are not beyond the natural universe, but rather are the subtle laws which pervade the universe and the lives and deaths of organic sentient humanity. Dharma might simply be defined as moral responsibility to one's family, community, and humanity as a whole, implying a deeper connotation that relationships are integral to the way of life. The details of such relational interconnections upon individual incarnate beings, while the universe weaves synchronistic threads of fate, become extremely complex. The free will to make decisions remains at the heart of the human condition.

Science has provided increasing evidence of psychic abilities which are inherent in human beings. Though some mainstream schools of science simply deny such abilities and ignore the data, the hard scientific evidence is conclusive that these powers exist, though no understanding of the mechanisms of these talents is understood. As humanity evolves, including genetic modifications, it is most likely that these paranormal abilities will be enhanced and will play their part in defining who we are. Many people are now contemplating our humanity: what we are and who we wish to become. It is essential for humanity to base the choices we make upon these questions, as we dream and manifest our future.

While this discourse has expounded upon some of the basis for this epic tale, Love, Dharma, and the Galaxy, the actual story is full of strong emotion, beauty, and artistry. The Brilliant Machine may never be able to enjoy anything or to have fun, and it may not even believe that its condition is a sad state to be in. There is an all-powerful force which the Brilliant Machine may never fully grasp: Love. There is an illusion that to become enlightened or highly evolved is to become something else, besides being human; yet this story is a call to be fully and completely human and relish the treasures of being alive.

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