Saves California EMT's Home With A REST Assisted Mortgage Modification

SAN DIEGO, March 14, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The sharp dip in foreclosures completed within the last year can be attributed to many factors. However, most experts agree that the coinciding rise in approved mortgage modifications and other loan workout programs is partially responsible. Thousands of these successful modifications have been obtained due to the help of the REST system.

The REST Report system that can be found on is a third party analytics tool that has helped over 4000 homeowners to quickly and easily receive the modifications they were seeking. Ron, an EMT who lives in San Diego with his children, was one such homeowner.

Like many nowadays, Ron had fallen on hard times financially and was having difficulty making his mortgage payments. He attempted to apply for the Make Home Affordable Program on his own, but found that facing the bank alone was impossible.

Each time he would submit the documents the bank would ask him for, a little while later he would get a call asking for more paperwork. This went on and dragged the process, which was only meant to take 45 days, over the course of many months. Ron says in a recent video interview,

"Every time I would jump through one hoop, they would toss two more up!"

Finally he decided he needed some help. Unfortunately he was unaware at the time about the benefits of the REST Report when applying for mortgage modifications. Instead he took the advice of various "experts", each requiring an upfront fee and none of them delivering on the promises they had made to him.

The first "expert" advised Ron to default on his payments for five months. This strategy backfired and he ended up facing foreclosure.

"What scared me the most about everything was, everyday, not knowing if someone was going to come knocking at my door telling me to get my stuff out. It was just me and my kids. We had no where else to go." Ron says.

After three years of nothing but stress, uncertainty and disappointment, Ron was ready to give up and opt for a short sale, as had many of Ron's friends who were in the same situation with the same lending institute.

Fortunately he found After years of misinformation and hassle, Ron finally got his modification within just six months of running the REST Report. The new modification granted him more than a $300,000 reduction on his principle and cut his mortgage payments nearly in half.

"To have somebody who went out of their way to do a good job and not having to pay beforehand was a blessing."

Says Ron, speaking from his living room in San Diego. The house is more than just a house to him and his family. It has been home to them for over 17 years, and Ron's eldest daughter, now 16, was even delivered at home by Ron himself.

"I'm so glad I stuck it out" Ron adds "I just want to thank everyone there who just went out of their way to do a fantastic job and do it quickly! They know what they're doing and the right way to go about it and they get great results. Thank you!"

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