REST Report Helps Homeowners With Stalled Modification Applications

SAN DIEGO, Calif., March 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- is a licensee of the REST Report (Real Estate Services And Technology Report), a third party analytics tool that helps struggling homeowners to avoid foreclosure by helping them to find all the options available to them. It can also help to speed up stalled mortgage modification applications, as it can show the bank or lending institution exactly how the numbers add up and how it makes more sense to grant the modification than to foreclose the property.

So far, thousands of people have benefited from this Report and have been able to keep their homes. A lot of these people had tried for months or even years to get a mortgage modification prior to finding the REST, but did not have any success. recently released a video showing how the REST report can help those who have been struggling to get their mortgage modifications approved.

This video, and other REST reviews, can be found on the YouTube Channel.

This review tells the stories of four separate homeowners who had been struggling with their modification applications.

Ron, an EMT supervisor who lives in San Diego with his two children, struggled for several years to save his home.

Crystal, also from San Diego, was in danger of losing her home after she lost a job and her fiancée passed away.

Linda, a single mother living in Oceanside with her young daughter, got the runaround from her bank for two years before she found the REST.

Mona, who lives in Point Loma with her husband, nearly lost her house and her marriage as a result of the stress it put on the relationship.

Each of these individuals had difficulty dealing with their banks on their own. In each case they were asked for more paperwork or documents, as things would get lost or too much time would pass before someone at the bank took a look at their application. Linda says in her review:

"It was so perplexing to me because I had enough income, I had all the criteria and they kept telling me 'You have to resubmit, it's been three months. You have to send in a new application.' I think I applied at least 3, maybe 4, times!"

Mona also says, "I must have fixed boxes of documents over and over and over again, never receiving any help with any of it!"

Crystal and Ron had the same experience. Ron says, of the paperwork situation:

"Every time I would jump through one hoop, they would toss up two more!"

Finally they found the REST and were able get their loans modified.

Ron now pays just half of what he used to and also had his principle reduced by more than $300k.

Crystal had her monthly payments reduced from $1,700 to $728.

Linda had her payments cut to $2,100 from $3,000.

Mona and her husband now pay less than $2,000 which is about half of what they previously had been paying. They are also now living happily together and looking forward to their future.

All these people are extremely grateful for the REST Report for saving their homes, their families and their sanity.

These four are just a few of the people that have benefited from this great tool. For more information on the REST system and how it can help homeowners in need, please visit

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