REST Helps Homeowners Understand The Modification Process And Get Their Requests Granted Quickly

SAN DIEGO, March 23, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- helps homeowner to better understand their modification options with the REST Report (Real Estate Services And Technology Report). This report can help homeowners decide how they will proceed when it comes to looking for foreclosure alternatives and if the report shows that they can qualify for one of the government or proprietary loan modification programs it can help add weight to the application so that the bank will approve the request quickly.

Many thousands of people have been assisted in their modification applications with the REST Report. Some who had been struggling for years to get their modification approved finally found success after running the REST and resubmitting their application. One such person is Linda, a single mother who lives in Oceanside, California with her young daughter.

Linda used the REST Report to figure out why her bank was giving her such a hard time with her mortgage modification application. She says that she had struggled with getting them to approve it for two years prior to her finding out about the REST.

She says, "It was so perplexing to me because I had enough income, I had all the criteria and they kept telling me 'You have to resubmit, it's been three months. You have to send in a new application.' I think I applied at least 3, maybe 4, times!"

She wondered why, if the bank had all her information, they didn't just tell her what the problem was so that she could fix it. Instead, every time she was asked to reapply she had to find all the information again, crunch all the numbers again and wait to see if this time the modification would come through. It was very frustrating and quite scary for her as she was not sure if she would be able to keep her home.

In the video review Linda says, "I have a little girl and she's been here all her life, born and raised, and this where we live! This is our garden! This is our little home! This is where we want to be! But we were in limbo the whole time. We had no idea what was going on and it was just scary to think we'd be out the door anytime."

Finally Linda found the REST through She says:

"When I first heard about the REST I wasn't sure what it was going to be but I knew I needed to understand the numbers better because no one at the bank was explaining it to me. So I had a REST Report done and I looked at it and it was the first time that the process made any sense to me. It was very helpful!"

After two years of uncertainty, Linda finally had some answers. The REST showed that, given her financial situation, she should easily qualify for the modification. She says:

"There it was in black and white! The numbers made sense! So it was just a matter of getting it to the right person at the bank and it was a done deal within a few weeks."

Linda had the mortgage modification approved and now has her payments reduced from $3,000 per month to just $2,100.

Linda is just one of the thousands of homeowners who have already benefitted from using the REST Report. For more information on this tool and to view more REST reviews, click here.

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