Releases Video Review To Help Homeowners Understand The Benefits Of The REST Report

SAN DIEGO, March 29, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- As a licensee of the REST Report, has helped to connect many struggling property owners with this home-saving tool. The REST (Real Estate Services and Technology Report) is a third party analytics tool that both homeowners and investors trust. It takes data from all available government and proprietary loan workout programs and shows the homeowner and the bank exactly what foreclosure alternatives are available given the homeowner's financial situation and current loan terms.

This report can even help to speed up long delayed modification applications since it so clearly displays to the bank or lending institute how it would make more sense to approve a modification than to foreclose a property. This can be a godsend to homeowners who have been stuck in modification limbo, in some cases for months or even years.

As most people have found when applying for a mortgage modification, the process is often not very straight forward. Many people have experienced the frustration of constantly being asked to resubmit papers or even entire applications due to the information being unclear or too much time passing before someone at the bank actually gets around to looking at the application.

Crystal, a homeowner in San Diego, California, tells the story of how she struggled with her mortgage modification for many months before finally finding the REST Report. Her REST video review can be found on

In the video, Crystal explains how she had difficulty keeping up with her monthly payments after her fiancée passed away and she lost a job. She wanted to apply for a modification to make the payments more manageable, but the bank told her she would have to stop paying her mortgage payments for five months. Crystal was leery of doing this, as it would hurt her credit score, but she was told it was the only way she could even apply for a modification.

Once she had stopped paying, ruined her credit score and brought her home into danger of foreclosing, she followed her bank's suggestions and applied for the modification. However, this didn't work out quite as smoothly as she had planned.

The bank would constantly call her asking her to fax over more documents that were not included in the package or that were lost. She continued with this running around for several months, all while fearing that she would be out on the street at any minute if she did not get the modification.

Luckily, Crystal finally found and the REST Report. The Report showed Crystal that she actually had many more options than the bank was giving her and that she did in fact qualify for the modification she was seeking.

Armed with this info, she submitted her application again, and this time her request was approved in a very short amount of time. The new modification terms lowered her payments from $1,700 to just $728, an amount that Crystal can much more easily manage on her own.

Crystal says in her REST Review: "If I can give homeowners any advice it would be to take the suggestion and get the property income analysis done. There's no risk; absolutely no risk. Get it done! See what it can do for you. It worked for me!"

For more information on how the REST works and how it can benefit struggling homeowners, click here.

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