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SAN DIEGO, Feb. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Those seeking answers to their foreclosure alternative questions can get them quickly with the Real Estate Services And Technology Report (REST Report) now available on The REST serves as a loan disposition analysis that can let homeowners understand how their bank or lending institution views their loan situation. This information can prove invaluable to homeowners who are faced with the threat of foreclosure and want to apply for a loan modification.

The analysis takes all the information about the loan holder's current financial situation into account and compares it with all the analytics models currently used for the loan modification process to determine what, if any, adjustments can be made to the loan terms so that they will be more manageable for the homeowner and yet still profitable for the investors. This not only gives homeowners a much clearer picture of their own situation, but it also helps give a little more peace of mind than having to go into the application effectively blind and waiting up to an entire year to find out if the application is approved or not.

If the REST Report shows that the application is unlikely to approved, the homeowner can either prepare themselves for the impending foreclosure or in some cases they may even be able to make changes in order to better their situation and prevent the foreclosure. This is because the analysis gives information on the problem areas that would prevent the application from being approved. If these problems are picked up early enough it may be possible for the homeowner to make appropriate adjustments to solve the problem areas.

In any case, the homeowner will not need to wait 8 to 12 months on an application that will ultimately not be approved. This alone can make utilizing this analysis a smart move for any homeowner considering applying for a loan workout program.

Aside from offering the REST Report to homeowners, also provides a free DIY submission kit that applicants can use when applying for better loan terms with their bank or lending institution. This kit takes the homeowner through the process step by step, and can eliminate any feelings of uncertainty when going through the initial application process.

Struggling homeowners can also be assured that all services provided by the website are compliant with the Federal Trade Commission's ruling concerning Mortgage Assistance Relief Services (MARS). This reassurance and the fact that results from the REST Report can help to clear up a lot of the uncertainty traditionally involved in dealing with foreclosure resolution applications can help to give homeowners more confidence and a better outlook when it comes the future of their homes and financial situations.

For more information on the REST products available, and to apply for the free income and property analysis and DIY submission kit, please visit

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