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SAN DIEGO, April 11, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- has helped introduce the REST Report to homeowners who are struggling to find ways to avoid foreclosure on their homes. The REST (Real Estate Services and Technology) Report is a third party analysis tool that compares the financial and mortgage information of the homeowner to qualifying data collected from all currently available loan work out programs such as the HAMP, HARP and other government and proprietary programs.

Thousand of property owners have already been able to save their homes thanks to the REST Report. This is possible because the report not only shows the homeowners exactly what they qualify for so that they can make the best decision to avoid foreclosure and save their homes, but it also shows undeniable proof to the bank or loan servicer that the mortgage holder does in fact qualify for the loan modification. This prevents servicers from treating homeowners unfairly or delaying approval of modifications unnecessarily.

As a licensee of the REST Report, is also completely MARS (Mortgage Assistance Relief Services) compliant which means that they will never ask for any fees in advance. This is a godsend for many homeowner, some of who have been taken advantage of by other companies claiming to want to help them with their modification but who ask for an upfront fee.

A recently released video review on shows just how much easier applying for loan modifications is with the REST Report. This new video features Ron, a single father of two working as an EMT in San Diego, California. Ron had tried to apply for the Make Home Affordable Program on his own, but had little success with it. His bank kept asking him for more and more paperwork, or telling him that he needed to resubmit his application, altogether.

This was very frustrating for Ron because he was constantly in fear that he would lose his house but no matter how hard he tried he just could not make any progress with his modification process. Ron says in his REST video review, "Every time I would jump through one hoop for them they would toss up two more."

Ron even sought help from a mortgage relief company that told him they would get his modification approved. The company required advance payment and they told him he should stop paying his monthly payments in order to qualify for the loan. Instead this strategy brought Ron's home into danger of foreclosure.

Ron was not able to get his modification approved with this company or get his money returned. He tried again with another company, also paying upfront, and was disappointed in the same way. Finally after more than three years of getting the run around he was ready to give up.

Luckily he found the REST report through He ran the report and saw that he did, in fact, qualify for the loan modification he had been seeking. After years of frustration, after turning in the REST analysis to his bank, Ron finally had his mortgage modification approved in just a few short months.

This lowered his monthly payments by nearly fifty percent and reduced his principle by more than $350,000. Thanks to the help of the REST Ron can now keep his family in their home.

Ron's story, however, is not unique. Thousands of other property owners have been able to get the modifications they deserve thanks to the REST. To find out more about this analysis tool and find out what other's who have used the REST are saying about it, click here

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