LoanSafeMods Helps San Diego Homeowner Claim Her House Back With The REST Report

SAN DIEGO, March 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The REST Report is a trusted third party analytic tool, offered through, that can show property owners exactly what type of mortgage modifications or other foreclosure alternatives they can qualify for. This Real Estate And Technology Report is the fastest and most accurate way to find out this information, and armed with the knowledge of what should be theirs, thousands of property owners have been able to avail of mortgage modifications and avoid foreclosing. Even applications which had been previously rejected have been approved with assistance from the REST Report.

Crystal, a homeowner in San Diego, California, is one person who was helped by and the REST System. Crystal shares her story in a recent video interview at her San Diego home, which was recently saved from foreclosure:

In the video, she explains that after her fiancé passed away before they could be married and she lost a job, it became impossible for her to keep up with her house payments at the rate that they were at. She decided to seek a mortgage modification but found that dealing with the bank directly was a lot more difficult that she had expected.

With a credit score of 800, Crystal was leery of doing anything that could hurt her score. However, the bank told her that she should stop paying her home payments before seeking a modification. Eventually Crystal decided to go along and missed her payments for 6 months.

However, she explains that once she started the process to apply for a modification, she was faced with a lot of opposition and red tape from the bank. She was constantly told that she needed more documents and that the requirements that they needed were not fulfilled by the paperwork she had already submitted. It was a long, drawn out process.

Fortunately, along the way she heard about the REST report and decided to research it and see if it could benefit her. She saw that it gave her a lot of options that the banks weren't giving her. After deciding that the program would be useful, she went ahead and ran the report. Once this was finished, everything moved very fast. Crystal was awarded her modification and now pays less than half of what her previous house payments used to be.

Thinking back to before she found help with the REST, Crystal says that the worst thing was living in fear that her house would just be taken away from her.

She says in her video: "If you think you're losing your home, everything's going down the drain. You don't have a place to live, everything's uncertain, you don't know what tomorrow's going to bring. But once I had the report in my hand, I knew that everything would be okay."

In the interview Crystal explains that one of the scariest moments for her was when she woke up in the morning to find a notice of sale taped to her front door. Within the week, people were coming by to photograph her property and realtors were telling her that she needed to settle for a short sale as soon as possible, as there was no other option.

Once she filed the REST report, she realized that these things that they were saying were simply not true.

Now, sitting by her lovely pool in her own backyard, Crystal says: "I just wanted to thank everybody for working so hard for me. My payments went down from around seventeen hundred to $728!"

For those who are still struggling with mortgage modifications, Crystal's has this to say to anyone who watches her video: "take the advice and get the property income analysis done. There's no risk; absolutely no risk. Get it done! See what it can do for you. It worked for me."

For those who are interested in finding out how they could benefit from REST Report products, please visit

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