LoanSafeMods Helps Family Save Their Home And Marriage With The REST Report

SAN DIEGO, March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The REST Report (Real Estate Services and Technology Report) has helped thousands of homeowners to find alternatives to foreclosure and keep their homes and their families together. This Report is available on and can be used for those who are having a hard time dealing with their bank or other lending institute, as it shows exactly how the numbers add up and just what kind of programs or modifications the homeowner should qualify for.

One family that has had their lives changed by using the REST Report is Mona and her husband, who live in Point Loma, California.

After living in their home for about 8 years and planning their future and their retirement together there, the couple realized they were in trouble and in danger of losing all they had worked together for when the economy dipped and they had difficulty paying their mortgage fees.

Their masonry contracting company also hit an all time low, as more and more people put off their plans to build or upgrade their properties. Obviously something big was happening, but no one seemed to know what was causing it.

Mona says that she scoured the internet, looking for some sort of answers to why everything seemed to be going down the drain, and more importantly, what they could do about it. However, what she was seeing was that most people were blaming the homeowners themselves, surmising that they had simply dug themselves too deep and spent much more money than they ever had or ever could have.

Mona says in a recent LoanSafeMods video review that this simply wasn't the case: "This home was not a sub-prime. It was not like that. We never expected our credit and everything just to shut down; for the whole industry just to shut down."

Now faced with foreclosure and feeling helpless to do anything about it, the couple started experiencing marital difficulties. Everything was piling up and putting pressure on them and what should have been their "American Dream" of owning a home and business and retiring happily together.

As an older couple, they knew that this home would be the last that they would have the opportunity to own, and this made them more determined to do all they could to keep it. Luckily Mona found the REST Report. This Report turned things around for the couple and helped them prove their justification for receiving a modification from their bank. Now, with the modification finally approved, they pay only about half of what they were previously paying monthly.

Now the couple is looking forward to their future together again: "We were really happy with the way it turned out; way better than ever expected! We have a future now! We're actually looking forward to our future! And it's going to be doable. Even if it gets tough again, I think we'll be able to deal with it, no problem."

Mona says to other people who are now in their previous predicament: "I'm thrilled that people out there who really want a different choice than a short sale, or giving the keys back to the bank, they have a tool that works. Use it! Because it works!"

To find out more about the REST Report and view other video reviews on, click here.

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