LIQWID® Wins The 2013 WebAward For "Best Advertising Website"

LIQWID® Digital Studio wins the 2013 WebAward presented by Web Marketing Association for "Best Advertising Website." Liqwid creates and delivers innovative and responsive Liqwid ads into any responsive online environment as well as into the highly valuable space on the viewers' screens outside of the content page on any web property.

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- LIQWID®, a brand of LeftsnRights, Inc., today announces that the company has won the 2013 WebAward from the Web Marketing Association (WMA) for "Best Advertising Website".

Earlier this year, Liqwid also won a 2013 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) for "Best Financial Services Rich Media Online Campaign" as well as a 2013 ADDY award from the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Further, the company was nominated for the 2013 Edison Award and won the Utah Innovation Award in the category of Enterprise Software and Web-enabled B2B Solutions in 2011.

Nikolai Mentchoukov, CEO, points out a very significant trend for Liqwid. "We have now gained four important recognitions in just this past year; at first, significant acknowledgements from peers and colleagues for Liqwid responsive ad delivery technology, and now for creativity, design and innovation in online advertising, a unique combination. We are very pleased to have received the highest score possible for innovation, technology and ease of use with our 2013 WebAward. But most important, we have achieved appreciation from our clients, including publishers, agencies and advertisers. They know the value of impactful and creative advertising."

"Definitely some really huge ads there! Easy to get the point," said one of the Judges.

"I tried the "fit on demo" and that was the key to my understanding how this works," said another Judge. "Nice concept. I'll look again after talking to a couple of clients about the potential."

"If I can convince a client to buy, I will. So you win no matter what I might think about the design strategy. Good job!" concluded a third Judge.

"Liqwid technology allows for the placement of highly creative and effective responsive content to be placed in the empty space outside of a content page. The main advantage of the LIQWID ad technology is that it creates new ad inventory instead of taking up existing in-page ads. These ad units are non-intrusive, and offer high visibility sought by brand advertisers. LIQWID's ability to display the high-production value ad regardless of screen resolutions is a "plus", continued Mentchoukov.

"We are very pleased to be recognized with this prestigious award for our creativity and innovation, particularly from such a high caliber group that represents so many of the digital marketing thought leaders in the industry.  Our Liqwid website is fully responsive in design and demonstrates our product for both responsive and fixed-width web properties," adds Jim Rowan, Chairman and President of the company.

 "For responsive web properties, publishers are struggling with delivering a high quality ad experience into a placement location with a variable size, depending on the viewer's device. With Liqwid, a single, responsive Liqwid ad unit can be delivered to fit any ad size and location in any responsive environment across mobile, tablets, desktop and any touchable Windows 8 OS devices," continued Rowan. "A responsive environment requires a responsive delivery platform.  Simply put, responsive web design allows for a complete "re-think" on content and ad placements in a way that is most beneficial to publishers and advertisers.  It is a wasted opportunity to merely reprogram the existing site layout."

Liqwid technology uses responsive functionality to make content – be it text, images, video, social media, games, e-commerce, or apps – completely responsive. The technology also offers flexibility so that one campaign can run a combination of Flash ads and HTML5 ads to all types of websites, fixed-width and responsive. The ability to use Liqwid technology means that publishers, agencies and advertisers have the freedom to design ad spaces and ad content with ultimate creativity and business objectives, unbounded by limited sizes or fixed formats.

About WMA:  Since 1997, the Web Marketing Association's annual WebAward competition has been setting the standard of excellence for website development.  Independent expert judges from around the world review sites in 96 industries.  The best are recognized with a WebAward which helps interactive professionals promote themselves, their companies, and their best work to the outside world.  The WebAward competition is the premier award recognition program for web developers and marketers worldwide. A link to the winner announcement can be found here:

ABOUT LIQWID: Liqwid®, a brand of LeftsnRights, Inc., was founded by Nikolai Mentchoukov and Jim Rowan in 2010. LIQWID® Digital Studio, with its award-winning technology, creates and delivers innovative and responsive Liqwid ads into any responsive online environment as well as into the highly valuable space on the viewers' screens outside of the content page on any web property. With this empty space, Liqwid creates new, viewable and premium inventory with ads that have 100% of the creative in view with no changes required to the website.   A Liqwid ad instantly reconfigures and scales itself when delivered, regardless of the ad size, dimensions or placement location, to fit on any device, any website or mobile property, including responsive properties. Agencies and advertisers are provided large, creative palettes, with ads that always fit perfectly in any-dimension space, enabling for cross-property and cross-device campaigns with a single ad unit. The company also features innovations Viewer-Directed Placement™ to enhance the accuracy of measurable deliverables and scheduling. For more information about Liqwid technology, visit or contact Sarah Prater at 800-870-5006 or sp(at)liqwid(dot)com. The company's Twitter feed is @LiqwidAdTech (#liqwidads).

Media Contact: Jim Rowan, LIQWID, a LeftsnRights Inc. Brand, 800-870-5006,

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