Linda Sabeh Provides Insider Insight into Interior Design Principles

Through many years of experience, Linda Sabeh has an exceptional knowledge of interior design principles. She recently shared some of her insights regarding certain elements of interior design.

FREMONT, Calif., Feb. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Lindaa Sabeh, an interior designer and owner of Exquisite Interior Designs, recently provided an insider's perspective to the world of interior design and the principles that guide the industry in a recent interview. Sabeh, with 15 years of experience working with both residential and commercial properties, suggests the first step in designing a home's interior begins with perception.


Designing a home becomes much easier if you think of the home as a totality rather than separate and individual spaces," said Sabeh. "Think of the home as a series of spaces that are linked together by halls and stairways. In this way you can arrive at a common theme and style that can be used throughout the home."

Sabeh also preached the importance of balance, noting that balance can be achieved by using several distinct methods.

"Visual balance can be achieved in three ways," said Sabeh. "There is symmetrical balance, asymmetrical balance and radial balance. The method we use depends upon the space and the preferences of our clients."

According to Sabeh, each method creates a different, subconscious feeling in those inhabiting the space. The use of symmetrical balance reflects the human form, which makes visitors feel more comfortable and at ease, while the use of asymmetrical balance suggests movement through a lively interior. Radial symmetry is often used as a counterpoint, though its use in interior design is less frequent that the first two methods.

Sabeh then went on to discuss the importance of having a focal point within each room, noting that well-designed rooms should always have a clear focal point.

"The use of a focal point within a room draws visitors in because it is a dominating and interesting presence," said Sabeh. "It should work within the concept of the theme while also creating a lasting impression."

Sabeh's varied experience in the field of interior design has made her a highly sought-after designer in the Bay Area. Sabeh is known to be very attentive to detail, a skill that has led her to work with real estate professionals as they prepare homes for sale.

"It is something that I am very passionate about," said Sabeh. "I truly enjoy helping my clients to understand how certain design elements can impact a space. It is very rewarding when my clients and I can achieve a design that reflects the client's unique personality and tastes."

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