Linda Dixon Commodis Peru Sees Continued Gold Demand Despite Leveling Value

Despite the value of gold leveling off in global markets, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru believes investors will continue to buy gold to keep their portfolios secure.

NEW YORK, March 1, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- In the recent past, there have been many commercials pushing the sale of gold for financial gain. Many investors started buying gold where previously they had none before. As currencies started losing value and the global financial market became stressed, gold and other precious metals increased in value. "As an international business professional, specializing in finance skills, it was easy to see the economic opportunities within the mining market in Peru," says Linda Dixon Commodis Peru.

"Many investors turned to gold as a hedge against falling currency values," says Linda Dixon Commodis Peru. Turning to gold was an intelligent move. The World Gold Council, according to International Business Times, found portfolios that included gold had over 2% higher returns than investments without measures to counter exchange rate risk.

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru saw how many investors started buying gold to diversify their portfolio. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal a chief executive of an investment firm summarizes that in a financial crisis almost everything crashes and loses value. When markets crash and fall apart, that is when protecting against falling stock values is more important than ever. The recent financial difficulties have reminded many investors and business professionals like Linda Dixon Commodis Peru the importance of physical commodities to protect personal and corporate portfolios.

Currently, the price of gold is leveling off.  Business Standard reports that the demand for gold may continue to diminish as the optimism in recovering markets continues. As the law of supply and demand dictates, if the demand for gold declines, the price of gold will level off. The gold output of gold is already below previously expected levels. However, Linda Dixon Commodis Peru knows the benefits of gold has been well established in the minds of investors worldwide.

Certain countries like Russia and China have a strong continuing demand for gold and see the price of gold continuing on its positive price trend.  For example, as noted by Bloomberg (, Russia has dramatically increased its gold reserves over the past decade and does not plan to abate.  China has been doing the same.

On the other hand, while others predict gold's value being scaled back, it is projected to still sell. CNBC reported that mining is still stable at current trading prices and that gold would have to drop significantly to see cuts in gold mining. As it stands, predictions for gold remains favorable just as Linda Dixon Commodis Peru expects it to be.

Even as a business that sells gold directly to buyers and accumulators, Commodis Corporation typically has investors and buyers in by referral. Even if the demand for gold does start to decline, there will continue to be gold production.

Linda Dixon Commodis Peru has established strong relations with small to medium sized mines. "Recent changes in Peru's mining laws channel gold from informal local markets into formal legal markets. This may push Peru from the world's 5th largest gold producer to the world's 2nd or 3rd largest producer," says Linda Dixon Commodis Peru.

About: Linda Dixon Commodis Peru continues to sell gold to buyers and investors despite some predictions that the value of gold is leveling off.

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