Joins IVDD Awareness Month for Education, Treatment & Prevention of Most Common Source of Back Injury in Dachshunds

Lil Back Bracer, the only orthopedic support brace for Dachshunds suffering from IVDD and other back pain problems, joins DodgersList's IVDD Awareness Month to increase awareness of IVDD, a painful back problem which effects 1 in every 4 Dachshunds.

SPOKANE, Wash., June 27, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- This July marks the first annual IVDD Awareness Month. IVDD, or Intervertebral Disc Disease, is a disease which affects approximately 1 in every 4 Dachshunds, as well as many other small breed dogs.


Dodgerslist, a site dedicated to IVDD support, proclaimed the month of July as IVDD Awareness Month to help spread the word and help more dogs live healthier lives. 

IVDD Awareness is particularly important because early intervention and treatment can prevent more extensive damage that can lead to long term pain, sometimes including surgery or paralysis. IVDD is a disease that affects the discs in a dog's back. These discs, called "intervertebral discs," act as cushions between the vertebrae. With IVDD, these dics can swell, then rupture, then protrude.

It's vital for dog lovers to be aware of symptoms and to visit their Vet immediately if IVDD symptoms begin. Preliminary signs often include neck pain and stiffness and yelping unexpectedly when touched. Later symptoms include whimpering, shaking, dragging rear legs, and impaired or inappropriate urination. Classic telltale signs include a knuckled paw or even a hunched, arched back.

Vets often recommend crate rest, as the body needs to heal. Lil Back Bracer plans to spend IVDD Awareness Month specifically teaching about the importance of crate rest, with additional blog posts educating about IVDD.

Lil Back Bracer believes that "A lil support goes a long way," for Dachshunds and other small breed dogs suffering from IVDD. The brace offers a snug, adjustable fit, which provides a gentle, constant pressure for a calming effect on the dog's nervous system.  One dog lover, Lily in Texas, reported, "Lil Back Bracer helped my doxie hold still and rest comfortably. She stayed in her brace throughout 4 weeks of crate rest, and for the 2 weeks after crate rest ended.  What a relief!"

Its patent pending design supports the back from above and below. Constructed with a medical-grade, moisture wicking fabric, Lil Back Bracer can be worn long-term or short-term, depending on the dog's needs.

Dogs and dog owners alike report decreased pain, improved mobility, and ease of use with Lil Back Bracer. The dog brace supports Dachshunds and other small dogs ranging up to 20 pounds, and can be found at

Media Contact: Cory Brannon, Lil Back Bracer, 509-279-8205,

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