Life Long Weigh Announces Holistic Wellness Strategies for 2013

Life Long Weigh Develops New Wellness Strategies in 2013 for Those Looking to Lose Weight or Live a Healthier Lifestyle.

HOUSTON, March 27, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Life Long Weigh, a Houston-based medical office that works to help people achieve their goals through individualized plans, has recently unveiled new comprehensive wellness strategies to better serve their clientele.

One of the reasons why weight loss is such a challenge for many people is because each person does have unique factors to overcome. Life Long Weigh works with each patient to develop a personalized and comprehensive wellness plan. This plan may include education about healthy meal selections and making wise decisions about non-processed foods. However, eating healthy is only one part of wellness, and this is why Life Long Weigh's personalized plans also focus on exercise plans that are customized to meet a person's workout preferences, available time and overall physical abilities. These plans are also enhanced through nutritional supplements and emotional support. Many people have cravings for certain foods because their diets lack certain nutrients or because they feel fatigued due to poor nutrition, and the addition of a nutritional supplement may be highly beneficial in weight loss efforts. Emotional support is provided to patients in a caring, non-judgmental manner.

Lasting Lifestyle Changes
The overall approach that Life Long Weigh provides to its patients is to promote lasting lifestyle changes. There are many diet plans that people may have access to, and these may include diet pills, trendy exercise programs on DVD and other options. However, Life Long Weigh strives to help its patients improve their lifestyle through education and by helping them to adopt changes in their Houston diet and exercise that they may enjoy and continue to use for the rest of their life. Each patient receives guidance and education in a variety of formats, and assistance is provided by the experienced and caring team at Life Long Weigh. One of these professionals is Dr. Karen E. Hill. She is a board certified medical doctor specializing in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, and she is assisted by a team of licensed and registered dietitians. Both group and individual sessions are available, and patients may choose to take advantage of one or both formats. 

Achieving weight loss goals can be a significant challenge, and many people today have been struggling with their personal weight loss efforts for long months or years. A person's weight is about more than a number on the scale. Weight can play a major role in a person's overall sense of wellness and level of health. Each person, however, faces their own challenges with weight loss. For example, some lack the personal motivation or willpower to avoid the temptation of sugary snacks, and others have not found an exercise routine that they find enjoyable and that works with their busy life. These are just some of the challenges that people face when trying to slim down, and Life Long Weigh has been helping people overcome their challenges for many years.  

Finding a way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime may be a dream come true for many people. This may help individuals to improve their level of health and well-being while also promoting a more active lifestyle. It can be a challenge for an individual to lose weight, but the team at Life Long Weigh's Weight Loss Center Houston can provide education and guidance to promote improved results. Those who would like to learn more about the programs offered through Life Long Weigh can call the company at 866-402-7785.

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