Let me "Wordify" You

Three steps to creating a compelling and interesting "language" for your business.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Today's small businesses need every advantage they can get to create separation between themselves and their competitors and become "remarkable" in their buyer's mind.

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Step 1: Hate-Watching and Hashtagging: What makes a good word?

Last year we added "Hashtags" to our dictionaries while we debated Hate-watching (to watch a television show despite the fact that you abhor it). Then, unlike Hashtags, which simply meant what it meant, hate-verbing became and remains a rage. It is now being attached to every sort of verb; hate-listening, hate-reading, hate-talking, etc. Loving to hate is anything but a new concept. Virtually every good book or movie or story around a campfire has a villain that we hate-waiting for.

We first introduced "Visuality" as a word in 2011 to describe our belief that it is best to create a visually constructed based story for your digital presence - to convert your words into a set of cleverly relevant visual cues which allow the viewer to play out your story in their imagination as opposed to reading a bunch of text.

Recently we had the grand occasion of hearing one of our clients in an open Webinar announce to the attending group that the "visuality" of his website had made a tremendous difference - or something like that.  The fact is that he used the term properly in a sentence and I'm sure it sent the crowd scurrying to Google "visuality" to see what it was all about. It was a proud moment for our team

Step 2: What did He/She Say?

Special words can go awry. You wouldn't want to be the bar manager or club owner who created special seating arrangements and ended up calling it "Stooling". Or the data security company which created the term for cleaning up your inbox as a "Smart Dump". No, words can very easily end up with a double entendre. That's not good for anyone. So there is an art to designing the words that will make up the special contribution that you mean to offer.               

One of our clients created "Poolability" – now what would you guess this applies to? If you said it has something to do with improving or working in your pool or spa, you're right! This is a simple but very clever manner in which this client created some separation in their industry.

So whether you are Googling, providing much needed visuality or simply making poolability relevant, create your words to reflect a positive relevance to who you are in your industry.

Step 3: Define Yourself

Once you get the word(s) that you want to introduce to your audience, make sure that it becomes a part of everything you do and say. Get it up on your site, weave it into your Social Media, and make sure it's prominent in your marketing pieces online or in the mail. Talk it up, get other people talking about it and don't wait to be asked to define it. Say it and define it until clients say –"Yeah, I know what that means".

Only introduce one word or phrase at a time –and don't consider adding another until you feel the first one takes hold. Roll them out slowly and in order of value from the most important down.

Finally, remember this is one element in your overall strategy; one weapon in your total arsenal. Be strategic as well as creative. It's time to define your company so ask yourself – what makes us special and how can we say that in a fresh and defining manner? Oh and one last thing, make sure your words can't come back to bitify you. 

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