High Times magazine's first-ever e-book reports on Colorado and Washington State's historic votes to end marijuana prohibition, while looking forward to a bright green future for pot smokers everywhere.

NEW YORK, Dec. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Marijuana supporters worldwide—from all demographics and political parties—spent election night savoring the sweet smell of victory in Colorado and Washington State, where voters emphatically approved ballot initiatives making use, possession, cultivation and sales of the all-natural herb legal. Currently 17 states (and Washington, DC) allow medical marijuana, but this is the first time a state has ever voted to legalize pot once and for all.


In the new ebook Legalized It! Inside Colorado and Washington State's Historic Votes to End Marijuana Prohibition, and Other Tales of Adventure from a Fully Embedded High Times Reporter, veteran High Times journalist David Bienenstock takes an insider's in-depth look at both winning campaigns, plus the future of state-legal marijuana when faced with the federal government's ongoing prohibition. Legalized It! also compiles the best of High Times' West Coast Editor's feature writing from the last ten years, a decade in which he has interviewed rock stars, scientists, growers, celebrities, dealers, prisoners, politicians and philosophers, while covering everything from the world's first medical marijuana farmer's market to the biggest ganja fields in Northern California.

"Support for legalization has never been higher," Bienenstock, author of The Official High Times Pot Smoker's Handbook, notes. "With two states leading the way, and many more to follow, we have finally reached a tipping point moment where America's marijuana majority is now too big to ignore."          

Featured interviews include: Academy Award nominee Ed Norton, Emmy Award nominee Jeremy Piven, actor Paul Rudd, pro wrestler Rob Van Dam, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, best-selling author Kinky Friedman, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, author/natural medicine expert Dr. Andrew Weil, and many other leading voices of the cannabis community.

Additional feature stories include: The world's first openly-operating marijuana farmer's market, the future of psychedelic drugs, California's top legal cannabis garden, America's longest serving pot prisoner, Canada's hit TV show The Trailer Park Boys, an inside account of the Netherland's federally regulated medical marijuana program, and much more!

Legalized It! is now available for $4.20 in all e-book formats.

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