Leading Reputation Management Firm, InternetReputation.com, Launches Privacy Tool

ORM firm InternetReputation.com launches new tool to help protect online reputations.

DENVER, April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- InternetReputation.com, an award-winning reputation management company, is proud to announce a new product line that can help users quickly and easily assess the reputation damage they might be facing on a daily basis. This powerful monitoring tool will be paired with the InternetReputation.com content-generation and removal system that can help to delete or bump negative information while replacing it with positive data. Given the current emphasis on stellar online reputation scores, this product might be more important now than it ever was before.

The executives at InternetReputation.com monitor internet trends on a regular basis, and recently, the chatter suggests that reputation damage could have a bigger impact on people's long-term health and happiness.

"In the past, a negative story or a published mugshot could make someone seem untrustworthy or unemployable, and we thought that damage was serious," says a company official. "Now, some companies are using the Internet as they make financial decisions for clients. Some experts quoted in the Wall Street Journal, for example, suggest that online reputations tell banks more about a person's trustworthiness than does a FICO score. I think most of our clients would find that idea pretty scary."

Unlike a traditional financial credit score, which is influenced by the decisions a person makes and the choices a person commits to, a social media score could be influenced by all kinds of things.

"Lenddo, for example, claims to provide a social media credit score, but the scores impact an entire network of people," says an InternetReputation.com representative. "If you happen to be connected to someone who hasn't paid bills in awhile and who talks smack online, you could also have a bad Lenddo score. That just doesn't seem right to us. Also, slander published about you online could impact your credit score on Lenddo, even if you didn't do anything wrong at all."

These new models could help banks to reduce the number of default loans they're asked to absorb. For example, an article in The Economist suggests that companies that use these models have default rates 40 percent lower than those seen in typical payday loan companies. But if these details really are going to be used in decision-making processes, it's vital for users to take control.

"People with poor credit scores know that they should pay their debt down, pay bills on time and dispute errors in their credit reports. Everybody knows that stuff. But we felt that some consumers wouldn't know how to clean up their online data, and as a result, they might miss out on opportunities," says an InternetReputation.com representative. "That's why we thought we should launch this new product line. Everyone should be able to take control, now that the data sitting in cyberspace can hurt them."

The new tool utilizes a proprietary algorithm that can sort through photographs, articles, blog entries, comments and more and deliver clients a very targeted and detailed report about the reputation attacks they're facing. Clients can then work with their own company representative on a tailored response that can quickly eliminate negative information and increase social media scores.

"We've tested this product extensively, and we know it works," says a company representative. "We're eager to get started and help clients."

Find out more on the company's website: www.internetreputation.com.

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