Lance Thayer's Climb to the Top of the Retirement Income Planning Game is Best Described With One Word: Meteoric

DALLAS, Aug. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- In only 15 short years, Lance Thayer, the third-generation wealth advisor has worked hard to garner an impressive list of clients and credentials.  He hosts the nationally syndicated radio program "Money Lessons with Lance" ( on 770 KAAM locally and heard on Cumulus, Clear Channel and Entercom stations across America.


Following in the footsteps of his grandfather (longstanding CEO of the multinational corporation Dresser Industries, formerly of Haliburton), he decided to launch Texas-based, Tax Planners of Texas.  His belief in serving others in a positive way was instilled in him early in life.

Of the many aspects that set Tax Planners of Texas apart, their all-inclusive top-to-bottom retirement planning approach stands out among all others.  Their goal is to assist hard working Americans in generating the maximum amount of tax efficient income possible and they have exceeded that goal from day one.

Tax Planners of Texas begins its process prudently.  They start with a bit of CPR (Comprehensive Financial Review), in which any financial problems are identified and receive close attention.  Many times in income and tax advisement situations, the right hand is unaware of what the left hand is doing, which ultimately leads to retirement income issues.

"I see this scenario play out over and over again; the financial professional never communicates with the tax professional; the legal professional never communicates with the financial professional and everyone is pointing the finger at each other, which can't happen.  This is a recipe for retirement disaster," he said.

Tax Planners of Texas brings all the players on the team together to make sure the client's financial house is in good order.  Without all parties communicating, there is no doubt income is slipping through the cracks.  Their proven track record of success cannot be denied, but Thayer admits that not everyone is right for their services.

Additionally, Tax Planners of Texas ( relies notably on proven tax and income research done by the Wharton School of Business, Harvard and Yale Universities, and their research is the premier model for increasing income while lessening taxes.  If your financial plan solely consists of investment products and no strategies to minimize taxes or a plan for increasing retirement income, Thayer suggests it may be time to find a new adviser, and quickly.

Thayer authors a highly visited blog, "The Thayer Report", and recent headline articles include, "Financial Storm Here Again: 13 Similarities Between 2008 Financial Crisis And Today" and "121 Ways To Cut Your 2013 Taxes".  "My blog always features new and unfettered material.  I feel like its very important to reach out to clients as many ways as possible, from my radio show to public speaking, I want to serve as many people as I can", he said

Thayer is nearing completion of a book titled, "Retirement Income Held Hostage" where he outlines many of the income strategies that have brought him to the top of his profession.  All too many clients tell the same story of lost income due to the mess created by Washington and Wall Street, and Thayer's book will provide tools to help clean up.  "Americans feel like they have lost control over their income and are being held hostage by Washington, the IRS and Wall Street.  It's time to take back control over our financial lives and get our retirement income going northward again", he said.

Media Contact: Cindy McIhenny, Tax Planners of Texas, 214-706-9115,

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