Kristin Lund of Naples, FL to Launch New Website and Health Portal

Kristin Lund of Naples, FL runs a business she started on her own. As part of expanding and growing this business she will launch a new website and a new health portal in 2013 to meet the needs of her clients and spread business awareness

NAPLES, Fla., July 12, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Kristin Lund of Naples, FL is proud to announce that she will be launching a new website as well as a new health portal to grow and expand both of her small businesses. The website and health portal will help to bring important information to clients and potential clients of Kristin Lund of Naples, FL's small business Smart Health Resources (known as SHUR Wellness).

For Smart Health Resources (known as SHUR Wellness), Kristin Lund of Naples, FL believes the new health portal to be launched in 2013 will create a lot of interest in her health and wellness coaching. With the health and wellness industry approaching $1 trillion a year, the time is now to expand and grow client base. Kristin Lund of Naples, FL knows this and a big part of her strategy involves expanding online and providing important and useful information to her clients and potential clients. The website will be a subscription service for both Kristin's corporate and individual clients.

On the health portal, visitors will be able to see the results of health and wellness coaching provided by Kristin Lund of Naples, FL. There will be a variety of videos and testimonials. Additionally, Kristin Lund of Naples, FL plans to keep track of her health and wellness activities as she travels around the country speaking and appearing on TV shows. The health portal will also provide useful information to any visitor straight from Kristin Lund's training programs and wellness coaching sessions, which will in turn help integrate her multiple connections to one main base for clients and interested parties to keep up with her busy work in the health and wellness fields.

The new health portal Kristin Lund of Naples, FL will launch in 2013 will provide a constant stream of useful health and wellness content. Included in this stream will be an active blog written by Kristin and other guest posters, with healthy ideas and ideas for improving corporate culture in terms of health. Furthermore, the health portal will implement all of the popular social media platforms. Social media ensures that a website will be easily shared and disseminated among user groups on the web ‒ something which is critical for any kind of online expansion.

Apart from a blog full of great ideas, the website will also provide content related to health and wellness, such as a meal plan builder, complete with shopping lists and recipes, and some game-like content to inspire users.

Asked about the creation of the website and new health portal, Kristin Lund of Naples, FL replied, "I'm truly looking forward to being able to reach countless more people with health and wellness information, as well as provide a better opportunity for preschool management teams to be able to see what I can help them accomplish. I couldn't be more excited for both of my businesses once these sites go live!"

Kristin Lund of Naples, FL truly looks forward to sharing her love of health and wellness with others with the creation of her new website and health portal launch in 2013.

About: Kristin Lund of Naples, FL runs a small business out of Florida. She is devoted to helping people achieve their health and wellness goals.

Media Contact: Bethany Franklin,, 239-269-6199,

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