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Privacy firm is now removing online arrest records for clients in Kentucky

DENVER, Jan. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- After examining the site and the damage that inclusion on the site can cause, the officials at are proud to announce a new solution that can help people remove these damning photos for good.


The website provides users with a robust look at all crimes that have taken place over the last several years. The site is searchable, allowing people to search for people they know well, and the site is interactive, providing people with the opportunity to discuss or share photographs they see.

Many of the photos that appear on show people who are dressed in prison garb, including orange jumpsuits or black-and-white striped tunics. In a study of the impact these photos can have, published in the journal Journalism and Communication Monographs, researchers found that showing people images of people in jumpsuits or otherwise showing them engaged in some sort of police interaction made them seem guilty in the eyes of their viewers, and that bias lasted for up to two weeks. If these study results hold true, people who appear on can seem profoundly guilty to those who see them, and that negative bias could persist almost indefinitely. Just one more click on the damning photo could solidify all of the negative assumptions the viewer has about the person in the photograph.

While it's true that some people who appear on are guilty of the crimes they're accused of, many more are not. Cases are thrown out of court each and every day, allowing people to go free to rebuild their lives. That's just what happened to a Kentucky businessman in 2006, the Associated Press reports, when charges against him regarding mail fraud were overturned on appeal. On, however, an arrest means guilt and a record of an arrest stays in place forever. This man might have his arrest haunt him for good, even though he won his case in court.

After hearing multiple stories like this, chose to get involved. The company found a tool that can quickly seek out photos on and remove them for good. Even the information about the arrests is removed. A clean slate is all that's left behind. The service is available in Kentucky right now, and company executives hope that more consumers will consider signing up for the help this service can provide.

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