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Internet privacy firm, launches new removal method for online mugshots.

DENVER, Aug. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- There are literally dozens of websites that promise to collect mugshots and provide them to curious web searchers. Among them, JustMugshots.com seems the most egregious, since the site aggressively seeks out mugshots from almost all states, and the site tends to float to the top of results on Google and Bing. InternetReputation.com is proud to announce a new product line that can provide immediate removal from this website.

The JustMugshots.com website is, for the most part, automated. As soon as mugshots appear on public websites, they also seem to appear on JustMugshots.com, and the site administrators don't seem eager to track the stories of the people who appear on the site. As a result, people who are arrested and who are later acquitted of their crimes still appear on JustMugshots.com, and their reputations might take a beating as a result.

"Our clients have told us that they were innocent of their crimes, and yet, their photos still appeared on JustMugshots.com," says an InternetReputation.com representative. "Being declared innocent in a court of law matters little to the administrators of this website, as they'll continue to publish the mugshot until they're asked to stop."

Those who are guilty of their crimes have even less recourse, and often, they grow frustrated at their inability to clear their names.

"We've seen people take some amazing steps in order to fight back," says an InternetReputation.com representative. "We recently stumbled across the Better Business Bureau rating for JustMugshots.com, and we found entries in which people were asking the BBB to get their photos removed. These people are just desperate for answers, and they're finding them hard to come by."

Those who attempt to contact JustMugshots.com directly may also face a roadblock, as they may dislike the idea of paying the company that's harming them.

"Unlike some other mugshot websites we've seen, JustMugshots.com does provide some people with a removal option," says an InternetReputation.com representative. "But the fees go right into the hands of the administrators of JustMugshots.com, and some people find it really upsetting to think that their money is going to support this kind of site. They'd rather accept their personal misfortune, rather than allowing the site to profit from their loss."

The InternetReputation.com solution allows for immediate removal from JustMugshots.com, along with a quick Google re-index, so the photo won't show up on search results. Getting started is as easy as visiting www.internetreputation.com and filling out a form. The fees support the record removal work, rather than supporting future exploitation. Visit the site to find out more. 

Media Contact: Gary Bloom, InternetReputation.com, 800-758-9012, info@internetreputation.com

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