Josh Fallis Announces Final Edit of New Book

SEATTLE, Dec. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- For the past year, Josh Fallis has been hard at work on a new book. He is proud to announce that he and his co-writing wife, Kimberly, are currently in the final editing process. Their book, "The Key of David: Faith into Action!" should be printed quite soon.

Writing a book about religious topics has been difficult for Josh Fallis and his wife, but they created a set schedule early in the writing process, and have worked hard to stick to that schedule, no matter what else may happen to them in the course of a day.

"My wife and I are both incredibly busy people with demanding careers, and we're also in the process of raising some pretty incredible kids," says Josh Fallis. "We don't have a lot of spare time at our house, but we wanted to make sure that we got this book written and we shared our vision with the world. That meant putting aside time, each and every day, for writing and talking and researching. We haven't taken a day off since this whole thing started!"

During the editing process, Josh and his wife were asked to hone and tighten certain passages of the book, and that meant going back to the writing table and working together once more.

"That was tough, because we'd finished the bulk of the writing a few months prior," says Josh Fallis. "Returning to the project, when we pretty much thought we were done, was very humbling and we both had to sort of regroup in order to get our focus back. But I'm so happy with the work we did during that first edit, and I really think the book is stronger as a result of the work we did. I'm glad we went through that process together."

The final edit process shouldn't involve the same level of intense work, Josh Fallis says, but there are a few small details that should be attended to.

"My wife and I were so excited about certain passages that we might have moved a little quicker than we should. The meaning is there, but little issues of grammar and such passed us by," he says. "The editors don't like to change our meaning with their work, so they always ask us to look over any major changes they've made. That's what we're doing now."

As mentioned, the book should be available quite soon, but Josh Fallis is releasing periodic updates on his personal website.

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