James Gagliardini Appeared on A National Television Program

James Gagliardini recently was featured in a segment on The Lang and O'Leary Exchange talking about the business of coloured diamonds.

CANADA, May 7, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- James Gagliardini was recently able to be a part of the popular investment show called "The Lang and O'Leary Exchange." James Gagliardini was a guest on the show dealing with the investment benefits and returns of coloured diamonds. In the era and market that we are in right now where people are looking for other investment opportunities rather than property and bonds, James Gagliardini was making the case to invest in coloured diamonds. In today's economy, people are looking for many and different ways to invest their money in things. James Gagliardini sees this as an opportunity to show people the pros and returns of investing in coloured diamonds.

James Gagliardini was very grateful for the national platform that "The Lang and O'Leary Exchange" offered him. James Gagliardini knows that most people never get the opportunity to speak to others on this large of a scale, and felt very blessed when given this opportunity. James Gagliardini felt a few jitters before going live on air at this television show, but he also knew that he had practiced and gained confidence in his public speaking abilities by speaking with his customers on a regular basis. James Gagliardini knows how important public speaking can be to people who are seeing you for the first time, and he made sure that his ability was up to par before he stepped in front of the camera and into the living rooms of thousands of people.

"I know how important it is that you give off a respectable and professional look and vibe whenever someone sees or greets you for the first time. I knew that my appearance on 'The Lang and O'Leary Exchange' would be the first time most people would be able to see and meet me, so I had to be positive that I was ready to give the best impression possible," James Gagliardini said about being given this opportunity.

James Gagliardini was delighted in the way that he conducted and carried himself on national television. James Gagliardini knows that this chance does not happen once for the majority of the population, and even more seldom does it happen twice. James Gagliardini is grateful for the opportunity to do what he did, and will always cherish that day.

About: James Gagliardini is a 35 year old professional who deals with dealing precious stones such as diamonds and gems. 

Media Contact: James Gagliardini, capitalcd.ca, 1-800-701-6787, james@capitalcd.ca

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