James Ellington, Golfer, Discusses Importance of Year-Round Activity for Optimal Golf Performance

Although the spring and summer seasons remain welcoming to many casual golfers, the on-and-off again seasonal change could prevent problems for those trying to develop steady strengths. James Ellington, golfer, highlights ways year-round practice can be enjoyed.

SARASOTA, Fla., May 8, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- James Ellington golfer, is one professional athlete who not only enjoys practicing and competing in the sport year-round, but also notes that such constant activity is necessary in order for him to maintain a high level of strength. While Ellington's commitment is admired by many, a recent article from The New York Times highlights the struggles casual players face by adapting their game play around the seasons. Specifically, the article suggests that those who "hibernate" their practice during the colder months may find themselves continuously striving to achieve a level of comfort and solid performance in the spring months, only to reach such a point when fall and winter encourage them to quit.

According to James Ellington, golfer, this endless cycle is not really what the game is about—as those who are serious about improving in golf should find ways to advance their abilities throughout the course of the entire year. Those who take lengthy breaks, for instance, may find that the next time they bring out their set of clubs they are out of shape and have lost precision.

For example, the article introduces a hypothetical scenario for those re-introducing themselves to the sport during spring. The article envisions, "...As you stand over the ball, your mind is blank and you're frozen in place. Last fall, you had a good two-part swing thought to start and finish the swing. But that thought has vanished, disappearing from disuse somewhere around the third New Year's Eve toast. What was that effective little motto you were repeating in your head last year? Was it 'low and slow?' How about 'coil, uncoil?' Whatever it was, it most likely was not 'just swat at it; this standing over the ball is getting embarrassing.' But that's what you are thinking at the moment, so you go with it."

The article suggests that those who follow this common path of development will finally reach their peak near the end of summer, only to be pushed back into "hibernation" as kids return to school during the onset of autumn. James Ellington, golfer, responds, "While golf is a sport that many pursue in a leisurely fashion, this article does reveal a great deal how important it is to have the body in prime shape before going back onto the golf course."

While the article suggests that those in the Northeast are not as fortunate—due to weather restrictions—as those practicing down south, James Ellington highlights some ways that these individuals can stay in shape during the winter. "Even if your local course is out of reach due to weather, you can still practice key components, such as swing, indoors. And just because you may hibernate from the actual outdoor golf course, does not mean that you have to abstain from working out and staying in shape at a local gym. Taking opportunity of the off-season time to train the body, will make it that much easier to jump into the game once April rolls around," James Ellington, golfer, concludes.


James Ellington golfer from Sarasota, has gained a great deal of benefit and enjoyment from engaging in the sport of golf. In fact, his golfing career—built on more than three decades of experience—has allowed him to achieve great recognition and participate in some of the most competitive amateur and professional events hosted throughout the United States. For example, the Web.com, Hooters Amateur and eGolf Professional tours have all welcomed James Ellington.

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