"Ivy League" Vesta Talent Agency Owner Jane Schulman Details Most Important Traits for Actors

Jane Schulman, the owner of Vesta Talent Agency sat in her well appointed offices overlooking the bustling movie lot and offered to detail what she perceives as the most important traits an actor or actress must possess. Through her years of experience, Schulman places a high value on talent, temperament and work ethic.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Dec. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Vesta Talent Agency emerged after the most recent Writers Guild strike and has been representing actors since, and during this time, owner Jane Schulman has taken notice of the traits that the most successful actors possess. Schulman, who is Ivy League-educated and is the owner of Vesta Talent Agency, took some time out to detail those traits for prospective actors and actresses looking to break into the industry.

When asked about networking, Schulman responded, "Everyone always talks about the importance of networking, but I think 'networking' is too impersonal. Actors need to focus on developing personal and meaningful relationships with people in the industry without any preconceived notion of what that relationship will yield. I don't think it is ever wise to think of people in terms of what they can do for you or what they can give you."

Schulman and her partners at Vesta Talent Agency value actors who continue to hone their craft even after they have established themselves in the industry. "We represent veteran movie, film and Broadway actors who make their living solely as actors. Even so, they realize the importance of continuing to hone their craft to become better actors," said Schulman. "There are so many ways to continue to work on your art, whether through professional coaching or simply jumping back into black box stage work. Regardless of how you implement it, it is something that is never to be considered a finished product. Products have a shelf life. Talent doesn't."

While talent seems to be an important prerequisite, Schulman identified an actor's temperament and work ethic over his inherent acting talent as a determination of professional longevity, citing a willingness to work as a major reason for the majority of success in the careers of the actors that she has worked with. "I was seated on an industry panel for Harvard University and was asked what I thought the most important factors were for those emerging into the industry. I cited talent,temperament and work ethic as essentials. Tim Kang, a hugely successful actor and producer was seated next to me and he concurred and thought it was a precise distillation of success.  We all know some actors who aren't wildly talented but have had great careers, and the common factors they all possess are temperament and work ethic. No one wants to be on set for months with a jerk, no matter how talented he is. Schulman also cited the willingness to work, although that might seem obvious. Some actors think some jobs are below them. Noel Coward said never turn down a job and I ascribe to that. We have several actors who took small roles on TV shows which have morphed into recurring characters on network shows by dint of having fun with what was supposed to be a small one off job". Schulman concluded, "You want the people that you work with to enjoy working with you, and the easiest way to ensure that is by cultivating an even temperament and exceptional work ethic. Whether in work or everyday life, people respond positively to being around happy people."

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