Isn't music today missing something?

Where has all the meaningful music gone and who can deliver it?

NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- If you are old enough to remember the early 90's then you remember that while the world seemed to be its most confusing, it was still gratifying.  It was a sense of, "Yea, life is tough, but everybody knows that," unlike today where there seems to be a clash of ideas.  You knew the statement about the way life was then was true by the music and trends.  Be it the grunge movement or the hip-hop of the time, the music most people related to was the music that describe the karma in the air without actually describing it.

Of course times are much different than in the 90's and one may even venture to say that the 90's were way better than anyone ever admitted to back then.  Our karma today seems to be completely misunderstood by everyone.  It seems to be reflected within the music of today.  Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of great songs by many talented artist out there but none of the important ones seem to be sticking as a face, a voice to define the feel.

You may not have heard of him yet but Pavel Bowman is someone you may want to get to know.  He is a solo recording artist who just released his first album.  Bowman's self-titled debut album features eleven songs that carry none of your expectations and instead delivers intuitive emotional expression. 

Bowman's gritty sound is driven by melody and emotion.  You can literally feel what he saying within the blanket of rhythm and emotion.  If Kurt Cobain was in Dashboard Confessional, this is what they would've created.  The album carries a variety of styles but all embed the fundamentals of great music.  There are songs you can rock to, songs you can hum to, songs you can chill to and songs you can cry to.  It has been a long time since music has seemed so honest.

An example is the song Well Put Together, an anthem of introduction.  It's an introduction that most will relate to as he explains himself and the discovery of his passions.  "I am a well put together mess," he proclaims as if he is the only one.   That is where Bowman really connects.  He doesn't sell the songs to you.  He simply performs what he saying with his lyrics and music.  You can tell that the album is yours as much as it is his.  He recently tweeted from his feed @pavelbowman - "Man I hope you guys like my album...."

The rest of the album is just beautiful.  Earlier I mentioned how artist were able to describe a karma without discribing it.  Bowman is rather good at that.  For example, in the song Liar he defines how he is able to use his lyrics to understand the emotion behind a concept, "Your words are like feathers , clinging together. Oh, once they are spoken, they fly away forever.  But words are more than sounds, you thrust with your tongue, they're invisible assassins and you are the gun."  It's like he is experiencing the moment he wrote these lyrics again and again.

Unfortunately, this talented songwriter/performer will not be widely known due to the intimate nature of the album but if you are looking for a way to release feelings you don't know you have, Pavel Bowman has managed to create an album that connects to you.  You can learn more about Bowman at or get his album on Itunes or Facebook and other major MP3 digital download outlets.

Bowman is just one example of the many voices out there that are still a whisper in the crowd of mega-commercialization of media.  When an artist today releases any creative endeaver, it is filtered through multiple individuals before becoming barcoded and placed on a Wal-Mart shelf.  If you want my advice, seek the whispers.  They tend to carry the most wieght and currently the music  of today seems a bit thin... like it's missing something.

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