Reveals New Florida Mug shot Removal Solutions

Online Reputation Management firm continues its fight to protect online privacy.

MIAMI, Fla., July 26, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Since 2010 has been removing mughsots and helping individuals protect their online privacy and reputations.  The reputation management firm is proud to announce that is has developed a new solution for permanently removing harmful mugshot records along with monitoring solutions that protect from future online attacks.

In 2012, the violent crime rate in Florida dropped by a whopping 4.3 percent, compared to the year prior, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The high-profile cases of Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman may give a different impression, however, and the media coverage of these cases could make other Florida mugshots easier to find, and more important to remove. has new solutions that could help people arrested in Florida.

Understanding the Problem

Explaining the danger means delving into the intricacies of the Internet. According to experts at, specific search engine sites like Google and Bing, and the algorithms they use to serve customers, are responsible for the damage felt by Florida mugshots.

"These sites use complicated formulas in which they monitor the information you've searched for in the past, and then try to provide you with similar details in the future," says an representative. "These sites are essentially guessing about what you might like to see, providing you with similar information the next time you log on."

Hundreds of thousands of people used their computers to find out more about the Zimmerman and Anthony cases. That's the only way to explain episodes like this, in which a false story about Zimmerman winning the lottery in Florida resulted in a firestorm of tweets mere minutes later. People had their fingers on the keys, just waiting, and when a story cropped up, they were ready to pounce.

If these users typed in terms like "Florida arrest" or "Florida mugshot" in order to hit their case fix, they might be provided with hundreds of hits to mugshot sites operating in Florida the next time they log on. They might see images of complete strangers, or they might see the faces of their friends and neighbors. They might even see people they considered hiring for a job. The damage could be incalculable.

"That's the real concern for us," says an representative. "We understand the media coverage and the interest these cases generated, but we're worried they will result in hundreds of thousands of innocent Floridians being targeted and found in searches that have nothing to do with them. The mugshots just have more power, and it's vital that they are removed."

Finding a Solution

To help, has stepped up its operations and can now provide immediate removal from almost any website that provides Florida mugshots. Removal is guaranteed, meaning that the photos really will be gone and removed from Google and all the major search engines. The technicians at the site get to work as soon as a request comes in, and they don't stop until they have the problem fixed.

"We're really focused on immediate removal, because we know these shots just have a lot of power right now because of the things happening in Florida. Mugshot removal is more important in this state than it's ever been before, and we want to help as many people as we can," says an representative.

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