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MIAMI, Aug. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- According to an article published in USA Today, nearly 1 in 3 people will be arrested by the time they reach age 23. In these days of rapid Internet connectivity, many of these people will see their faces plastered all over websites like As soon as their mugshots are taken by police agents, those photographs will zoom across the Internet with amazing rapidity.

Now, consumers have a new way to fight back. announces a new service for 1 hour mugshot removal, the company can promise 1-hour removal of information from websites.

What are the sites owned by is one of the largest mugshot networks on the Internet today.  According to reports the company is owned by a group of lawyers and has mugshot websites in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Research shows that the websites controlled by this organization are,,,, and  The site was originally started by Robert Wiggens and originated with  In 2012 Wiggens sold the network of websites which has started expanding across the United States.

The timing of removing a mugshot is crucial, as information that appears in one website and stays there for a long period of time can suddenly appear on other websites through a technology known as "scraping." Users buy specific software that allows them to copy and paste information from one site onto another that they keep for their own purposes. Evidence suggests that this technique is behind the proliferation of many mugshot websites.

County-maintained mugshot websites may post photographs from arrests, and users may "scrape" those photographs for their own use. This is exactly what a user of a mugshot site known as "" did in 2012, according to news reports, and the owner of the site then charged those photographed $200 to have those photographs removed. The longer the photographs appear online, the more likely it is that the photographs will be scraped, and appear on other sites. Removing all of the instances of that photograph could cost users thousands of dollars, and untold time and stress.

Having a mugshot appear on a public site can also be devastating for the reputation of the person photographed. Sites rarely identify whether or not the person photographed was acquitted of the crime, even though many people who are arrested are later found to be completely innocent of the crime. To provide one egregious example, the Innocence Project has overturned 212 convictions since 1992, including 15 that were death-sentence cases. Since so many people who are convicted of crimes are later exonerated, it's likely that many people who are arrested for crimes were similarly proven innocent. However, the mug shots may make those same people look incredibly guilty. In an article for The New Yorker, Avi Steinberg is quoted as saying, "… a mug shot doesn't simply provide information, it lures us into a drama in which we are given an intimate, Leviathan's-eye view of the state asserting dominance over an individual." Mug shots allow people to feel powerful and superior, and the effects of that superiority could be felt for years to come.

While the true impact of an online mugshot might be difficult to measure, anecdotal evidence suggests that a damning picture could cost people future job opportunities, and they could cause the destruction of blossoming romantic relationships. Photographs could also keep people from moving forward in their careers, or maintaining cordial relationships with their neighbors. In short, they can be devastating, and the sooner they are removed, the better. uses professional and discrete methods to remove images, and arrest information, from within 1 hour. The service is offered at a remarkably reasonable rate, considering the value of the service, and consultations on the issue are always free. Interested parties can find out more at

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