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Is your mugshot on a South Carolina mugshot website? has a new solution for instant removal of these mugshots.

SOUTH CAROLINA, Feb. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Mugshot websites are popping up left and right, reputation management firm has an instant removal solution for these harmful websites. 

In South Carolina, following crime reports and statistics has always been a sort of public pastime. For example, WCSC reports that some 180 people accessed an online police scanner in Berkeley County in February of 2012 when an escaped inmate was on the loose. As this story makes clear, keeping track of the police and listening for evidence of crimes at play can be seen as amusing and diversionary within the state. However, takes this idea of crime play a bit too far, and it could be hurting reputations in the process. has a new program that can help. gathers up mugshots and allows users to tag those photos with nasty labels or write hateful comments about the photos they see. It's a bit like following crime, but with a much more bitter and angry bite. People participate here, instead of just listening or looking. manipulates the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act in order to stay in business. This law states that governmental records should be made open and accessible to the public, and as a result, many local sheriffs' offices place their arrest information online for a short period of time. A quick computer program allows to grab that information and populate its site with the data it finds. Unfortunately, even though the data might be public record, the damage the site can cause might be quite private.

The site doesn't remove photographs after a specified period of time, and the information isn't reviewed for accuracy or merit. Cases that were thrown out of court don't merit removal from the site, and even deaths don't cause the site to remove records. For example, a young woman from Myrtle Beach died in January of 2013, but her mugshot was still available on Removing photos from the site is so difficult that the family was forced to write a comment on her photo, pleading for administrators to remove her photograph.

The program can help. The company can remove records from the site in minutes, and perform a deep scrubbing to ensure that all links to the site are broken for good. The company promises rapid responses, and provides a money-back guarantee to all customers. Just one simple internet form gets the process started. Find out more at

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