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New removal program for Mississippi mugshot websites

DENVER, April 15, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- is a leader in the mugshot-removal field, and the company is happy to announce a new program that's designed to help people who have seen their mugshot appear on

People who run mugshot websites often claim that the work they do helps to solve old crimes and keep the communities safer than they ever were before. The truth is that these sites are often using a private arrest as a source of public amusement, and the websites they build are designed to humiliate and shame those who may not even be guilty of the crimes they're charged with. 

Understanding the Claims

When a person is arrested in Mississippi, mugshots are part of the police booking process. Those mugshots are often released to the press, providing people with the opportunity to see faces when they read about the crimes these people are accused of. That's just what happened in the early weeks of 2013, when a couple from Florida were stopped in Mississippi and accused of bringing drugs into the state. These unfortunate people saw their faces plastered across all kinds of media outlets, fueled by the Associated Press. can make a journalists' life a bit easier, as the site is searchable and finding photos is a snap. However, mugshots aren't really helpful when it comes to solving crimes. Using photos might make a story easier to illustrate, but photos can't help people to find out what happened to those they love, and who might be at fault. For example, many years ago, a family was shown photographs of a suspect in a murder, the Huffington Post reports, and they didn't recognize him. Only decades later was the man charged with the murder, and those charges were based on DNA and not photographs.

So what are the mugshots good for? Ruining the reputations of the people photographed. Those who are shown on will see their mugshots appear when they run Google searches for their names, and they will find it incredibly difficult to remove those photographs from the site, unless they had their charges somehow dropped or their cases expunged.

A New Solution

Stripping away the fancy language about the good these sites can do is important, as it can allow people to understand why fighting back is so important. doesn't set out to help anyone, and the site shouldn't be allowed to profit on a person's misery. That's why developed a sophisticated program that can help. The company can immediately remove photographs from the site, and ensure that backlinks to those photos no longer work. With the help of, the Mississippi arrests will remain private, as they were intended. 

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