Announces Quick Solution for Removing Offensive Forum Posts

Reputation Management firm announces new solution for removing forum articles

DENVER, Aug. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Buried at the bottom of almost every single internet page is a tiny box that allows users to respond, either positively or negatively, to the information shown above. These forums can add nuance to an otherwise bland piece of writing, but they can also do a significant amount of reputation damage., an award-winning reputation management company, has a new solution that can help people who are attacked via any sort of forum.

A Semi-Common Problem

According to research conducted by the Neilson/Norman Group, about 90 percent of people who visit an online community don't participate openly. They might read what other people write, and they might form their own opinions about that information, but they might stop their participation at that point. Unfortunately, those people who do participate tend to dominate the conversation, taking a significant amount about anything they please, and they might choose to do so on an anonymous basis.

Most forums allow anyone with a computer connection to post their comments under a pseudonym. They might not share any sort of information about their real names, their locations, their ages or even their political affiliations. All that's left are their opinions, and they are overwhelmingly negative.

Consider this: When a liberal professor wrote an article in response to the Trayvon Martin verdict, the post was littered with comments from people who called her a "racist," or who used her ethnicity to make attacks that would make most grandmothers blush. Years ago, a filmmaker had a similar experience on YouTube, when he posted a video and received a threat of violence mere 48 hours later.

Running a search for the name of this liberal professor or this filmmaker might bring back dozens of hits that contain the hateful forum comments, and new comments might sit beneath the original harmful postings. Around and around a cycle of hate might go, and it's hard for the victims to know how to fight back.

A New Solution has a team of SEO experts who have decades of experience in advanced search engine optimization, when a negative slanderous forum post is targeted will use negative SEO and aggressive reputation management strategies to burry and suppress harmful forum postings.

Next up, can use a variety of proprietary techniques to flood the Internet with positive articles that outline a person's benefits and good attributes. This could push negative forum postings to the bottom of search results, never to be seen again. It's a complete approach, and it works. Visit to find out more. 

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