Announces Mugshot Removal Solution, Highlights Police Crime-Fighting Tactics

Internet reputation repair firm, launches mugshot removal service that is guaranteed.

DENVER, Sept. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ --, a leader in the field of online reputation management, recently developed a new protocol for removing mugshots from the Internet. Mugshot websites have been exploding online since 2009 when started publishing online mugshot records. 

The product line developed by is designed to assist first-time offenders who have been accused of non-sexual crimes. According to a study in the journal Pediatrics, there are many people who need this help. In fact, by the time Americans reach age 23, almost one-third have been arrested for some sort of crime. Many of these people aren't preparing for a life of recklessness and chaos. They're just young and impulsive and a little reckless. They make a mistake, and they hope to move on.

The mugshot industry can keep people from moving on, however, as the details of the arrest are available for all to see in perpetuity. The images are damning, and they tend to spread from one website to another. A young person arrested for trespassing during a drunken spree might forget the incident years later, but employers doing background checks might not hire that person, due to the whiff of impropriety the mugshot can cause.

The product line can remove mugshots in mere minutes, allowing first-time offenders to clean up their images so they can get the opportunities they deserve. It will not, in any way, impact the work of police departments.

The Innocence Project reports that police departments keep their own online databases of mugshots and criminal activity, and in 2014, the FBI will implement a Next Generation Identification system that will allow police officers in any state to search for mugshots in other states, and compare those results with images the police officer already has. Systems like this are sophisticated, and they take years to develop and implement. There's no reason to suspect that police officers would need to use a relatively crude instrument like an online mugshot website in order to solve a crime when they have such sophisticated tools at their disposal.

The tool is remarkably easy to use. Interested parties simply enter their names as they appear on mugshot websites, along with the names of the mugshot sites that host their photographs. experts can remove those photos within 24 to 72 business hours of the request. Interested parties who aren't even sure where their mugshots appear can sign up for an analysis performed by, discovering all the ways in which their good names are under attack. The company strives to keep prices low, too, so consumers can get the help they need without falling into debt in the process.

To find out more about this innovative product line, and to read case studies from real clients who have used these services to clear their names, visit

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