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The fastest Georgia Arrests mugshot removal is now available

DENVER, Sept. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- A new mugshot removal solution from is helping people remove their mugshots more effectively and faster than ever.

In 1971, in the Washington Law Review, lawyers wrote: "… Each year, thousands of unconvicted arrestees are subjected to the same stigma which society imposes on those who are convicted because the records of all arrestees, whether convicted or not, are retained and disseminated by law enforcement agencies." It's likely that these experts would be truly horrified by sites like, as they make this problem of presumptive innocence and assumed guilt so much worse.

(Photo: is proud to announce that it has developed a new service that can help consumers fight back against Now, consumers can work with a reputable company to have mugshots removed from the site, and they can access tools to help them build up protection against future attacks.

It's likely that most Americans have encountered the law at least once during their lifetimes. In fact, according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics, between 30.2 percent and 41.1 percent of Americans are arrested by the time they turn 23. At each booking, mugshots and arrest information is documented, and much of that information resides in the public domain. Before the Internet became the central feature in the lives of millions, mug shots were kept in large, locked books in public police stations. Visitors were welcome to peruse the photographs at will, but few people chose to wander down to the police station to look at images of their friends and neighbors. It's likely that people just had many other demands on their time, and the system was much too cumbersome for most curious residents to take advantage of.

Sites like have changed this paradigm. By using scraping technology, the site picks up mugshots and arrest information and posts it publicly, meaning that searches for the arrested person's name quickly bring back results of the arrests. This site provides mugshots organized chronologically, with recent arrests appearing prominently on the first row of the page. Full names are printed below each photograph, and clicking on the images brings up information about the charges filed against the person, as well as information about the person's age. Users are encouraged to "tag" mugshots with labels such as "beat up," "handicap" or "wino." The tags can then be used to find similar photos, should new users wish to run a search. is just one of many websites which claim to provide, in the words of another developer, "informative fun." While skimming through photographs of people looking upset, inebriated or otherwise not at their best, it's easy to forget that these are real people with real lives and real family members. They become mere objects that exist only for the amusement of the viewer, but the damage can be real.

Since is providing the information for entertainment purposes, the site will not remove images after a specific period of time. As images accrue more comments, they become more entertaining and more valuable. As a result, the site's owners do not want those images to disappear. The site will not even remove information if the charges were later dropped, or time was served. As a result, innocent people, or those who have paid their debt to society, might be lumped in with the "crooks" on the site, further doing damage to reputations. can quickly remove photographs from, ensuring that these photos do not appear on the site in any search. also has a team of writers who can pull together flattering content, dense with keywords, that will appear near the top of all search results for client's names. This means searches will bring up pages and pages of flattering content, and any remaining damage caused by the mugshot will be pushed to the bottom of search results. This is the best way to trap and contain damage done by, and it's only available through Visit the site to see case study results and request a free quote for services.

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